Tin Man Challenge

You're not sure if you want to do Iron? Try this one instead. You get to use talents, food buffs and you can die (we'll keep track of that for you). Full Rules

You can add a character to the Tin Man Challenge here: Add Character.

Death Knights and Demon Hunters are kept in separate lists.

Character Level Class Race Realm
1. Ironmagi Mist-ical Iron <Wowironman> 90 1 Mage Night Elf us - Wyrmrest Accord
2. Fakè <Ironman Challenge> 58 1 Mage Human eu - Earthen Ring
3. Frostyfinal Marked for Deletion <Ctrl Alt WoW> 49 2 Mage Human us - Winterhoof
4. Ironoverlay <Clan of Darkness> 41 2 Mage Pandaren us - Earthen Ring
5. Orlglnal <Wowironman> 23 1 Mage Human us - Wyrmrest Accord
6. Rotbreath Marked for Deletion 23 4 Mage Undead eu - Argent Dawn
7. Triflyn Marked for Deletion <Rainbow Holt> 20 1 Mage Human us - The Scryers
8. Ironraptor <matez ratez> 16 0 Mage Human us - Dalaran
9. Dinaris Marked for Deletion 12 0 Mage Night Elf us - Kirin Tor
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