Blood Thirsty Quest Cap Changes (Falcosaurs)

The release of Legion included the quest chain to tame and drag around your very own falcosaur. There is a very cool reward at the end, so cool, in fact, that Blizzard decided to let you earn this not once but FOUR TIMES. There are fifteen quests for each falcosaur (as per, so sixty in total.

The interesting part, subsequently the part that gives Blood Thirsty Challengers a headache, is the fact these quests are account-wide. These act like the Pet Trainer quests, which also are account-wide, and see your new Level 1 toon with 50+ completed quests.

So what do we do?

At this point there really is only one thing to do… up the cap limit from 150 to 210 to account for the extra 60 account-wide quests a character could conceivably start with. For Blood Thirsty characters that were created before June 1 2016, your cap limit is not changed, it’s still 300 (this number was set arbitrarily high in order to account for all sorts of things).

These changes have been applied already. We’ve also reset everyone’s flags from red to green and will let the nightly job run to correctly set everyone’s flag.

We’ve fixed a bug / issue where the quest cap wasn’t getting changed if your character was already in our system. So if you created a character before June 1 2016, you’d have a quest cap of 300 even if you died and rerolled a new Blood Thirsty character with the same name. We’re going to look at your Level 10 time instead (should have done this in the first place!) and set your quest cap based on that.

If anyone notices anything strange or wonky, please let Stone know.

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