Congratulations to Asycow, our 22nd Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Asycow for reaching max level, making her the 22nd Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion. This is Asy’s first Dragonflight Challenge Champion, however he has had many max level Challenge Champions over the years. 

Asycow’s journey was 6 days, 23 hrs, 23 min, 43 sec with a /played of 2 days, 5 hour and 14 minutes. 

What class/spec did Asy choose to go with, and were there any specific reasons for that choice? Asy went with Rogue for his Tauren aka Taur-ahe Pacifist Contest toon.

What path did you take to level, and were there specific reasons for those choices? Asy said, “Never done a Horde before so played it by ear. Died about six times before Level 10. Scrambled through Mulgore till Level 5 then got professions. Herbed and mined mainly, found a nice route in Durotar with minium mobs and was getting a level in 20 minutes. Did Childens Week and cooking/fishing dailies. Went around and found Paci safe quests where I could. Once Level 60, went to Dragon Isles and did the race quests, plus Paci safe world quests. Hated herbing with Dragonflight.”

Do you have any advice you would give to someone else thinking of trying out Pacifist challenge? Asy said, “With a Pacifist, have a second monitor and Netflix, just be aware of what your doing. Find a good herbing route.”

Are you working on any other challengers, or do you plan on taking a break for a while? “I am trying to get a max level with all the sorts of challenges. Currently I have a Level 22 Green Man, a Level 37 Iron Man , a Level 43 Pacifist, a Level 36 Working Man and a Level 60 Bloodthirsty,” Asy states.

Congratulations once again to Asy on Asycow becoming our 22nd Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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