Congratulations to Brublood, Our 16th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Brublood on becoming our 16th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty Challenge champion! Brublood’s Blood Thirsty journey took 7 days, 2 hours, and 13 minutes with a /played time of 2 days, 14 hours, and 53 minutes to complete.

Brublood is Ironbru’s 1st Blood Thirsty champion and his 10th Shadowlands champion overall.

Ironbru supplied us with the following information about his run with Brublood:
As soon as I started I ran to Teldrassil (forget the starting zone) got the FP and HS at the inn and headed off to Starbreeze Village (everything scales so all are at L1) to try to catch the rare Uruson – he drops a useful six slot bag. Then head south following the ridge killing everything…especially owls – they drop small eggs – sell like hot cakes, 12g each!”

“Should reach another rare – a cat, Duskstalker. Kill it at this stage – might drop a bag also…I tamed him as soon as I got the pet skills (Level 6 I think) and kept him as pet right up to L60.(I also tamed but did not use Loque, King Krush, Arcturis, Gondria, and Terrorpene and I can vouch for the fact they do not count as daily quests (tamed – I did not kill any of them to check that). (Be careful taming Terrorpene – his channeled attack can drain a lot of HP…I used a Shieldtronic Shield as I hit tame and still lost about 70% health).”

Stay running back and forth along this ridge and Starbreeze Village (don’t go too far south – watch out for groups of black mobs from a quest and head back at that point)and hopefully by the time you are L 10, you will have 50 or so small eggs and four extra six slot bags.”

“You can now use the Darnassus portal to Stormwind. HS at Inn, auction the eggs and any unwanted other items that dropped – on my server 10g is a fast sale for small eggs – 12g will sell but takes a while. When you get the money you can gear up and get bigger bags if you so wish. I kept an eye on AH as often as possible and bought good green gear that was cheap often many levels ahead and banked them…the prices generally on green gear are silly atm so stock up on future needs when you can. Buy apprentice riding but MAKE SURE YOU ABANDON LEARN TO RIDE QUEST – if you complete it it’s a red flag.”

“While in SW go and click Chromie time – it doesn’t matter which expansion…it just means you can stay in Vanilla areas until L50 and they will still scale.”

“I headed straightaway for Loch Modan (tram to Ironforge then run). Get the FP and then head west to the large puddle surrounded by crocs and birds. They spawn fast, so kill all and the small eggs will stack up fast. Green drops are scarce, but they can drop weapons that may be useful. There are 14 rares in Loch Modan, all give good exp and all can be accessed (with a bit of killing) by ground mount. They only drop six-slot bags up to L15, but after that they drop greens, some of which will be useful, the rest can be auctioned. The rares respawn roughly every hour and because you are phased by Chromie time, there are fewer folk about killing them also).”

“At L30 when I could fly I also took in a trip round Uldum and Ungoro Crater once in a while. There are a number of chests can spawn here and they can contain very sellable items. I got an orb of deception from one and got 10k for it…very handy, as I said the price of green gear on AH is ridiculous.”

“By L50 I found I had two daily quests in my stats log. No idea what they were….but possibly when I visited Uldum at 50 and did not realize it was in the post Cataclysm phase…could have been something there. See the little guy and go back to the normal phase (everything is now L35 so no killing here anymore).

“I was worried at going to Shadowlands Maw intro at this level, but it was easy really, just be a little careful and let Jaina etc do the hard work.”

“Not far from the south FP in Bastion are loads of larions. The closest ones stay at L51 but there is also a high up group on a ledge that are 53 and include an elite that gives v good exp. A similar group is on a ledge just southish of Heros Rest. Here I killed one rare to see if they counted as daily quests. They do, so I was now up to three.”

“At 55 I took Xaya’s advice and used the Shadowlands scouting map toy to open all FPs. Although I noticed at 55 the Maldraxus arena FP had become available, so I assume one in each of the other areas would as well as you level. But I thought Ardenweald was a good option so went there. I ran a route south from the FP at Hibernal Hollow killing loads of deer, birds (all L58) and at the end of the route a bunch of gorms (they are L60 but not a problem to kill). A little later at L56 I popped over to Rivendreth to see if anything was giving better exp. Killed a bunch of beasts near Darkhaven, ran around a bit and killed a few humanoid mobs….nothing showing as a rare….and somehow managed to pick up a fourth daily quest stat. Ouch! Have to be careful now. So I went back to Aredenweald and ran that route of deer, birds, and gorms all the way to 60.”

We’d like to wish Ironbru the best of luck with any other challengers they may be working on and congratulations once again on Brublood becoming our 16th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty champion!

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