Congratulations to Catster, Our 4th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Catster for reaching max level, making her our 4th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge champion. She’s also the second Rogue to make it to max level as an Iron Man in the Dragonflight expansion, following in the steps of Elfster.

Catster is also Ster’s oldest living challenge toon, having started playing back in 2016 with the WoD expansion. Thus her /played value is kind of high at 23 days. But her trek to max level in this expansion is roughly 2 days of played time since Dragonflight’s release.

When asked about Catster’s leveling journey, Ster said she did exactly what Elfster did. I.e., do what Rogues do best: – explore, sneak, ninja treasure chests, tag along with other player mobs, and do world quests that are not too dangerous.

“Follow the forum post that is titled “Paci-safe quests in Dragonflight” – these are generally safe for the other challenger classes like Rogues. Also loot the chests that spawn daily in BfA which continue to provide decent XP, though by the time you’re 67ish. And look over the zones in Shadowlands daily – some of those quests that say “Bonus Experience”. While not all are doable by a challenger, the ones you can do pay full XP all the way up to level 70.”

“Lastly, Catster took advantage of the holiday Lunar Festival, which, going after the safe elder coins will yield almost a level of experience – which is very nice when you’re in the upper 60’s trying to find more XP.”

“What’s next for me? Oh, just working on the Druid Iron Man, time to demonstrate that other classes besides Hunters and Rogues can hit max level.”

Good luck with your Druid Ster and congratulations once again on Catster becoming our 4th Iron champion of Dragonflight.

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