Congratulations to Contester, Our 3rd Dragonflight Pacifist Challenges Champion!

Congratulations to Contester for reaching max level, making her the 3rd Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion! Contester started playing when a Night Elf Pacifist contest was announced to honor the memory of Five. Their total /played time was 2 days and 11 hours over the course of 7 days and 17 hours. Whew! This is Ster’s fourth max level champion in Dragonflight.

“So in reality, this toon Contester was a twin of Passeyster, my first Pacifist to hit max level. Except with the urgency of the Five contest. I really enjoyed this contest to honor the memory of Five – he inspired many of us with unusual and fun twists to leveling a challenger. And this contest was no different, in true Five-style, your Night Elf can do professions, but no Fishing or Cooking. I can hear Five with a chuckle, asking ‘Who needs to cook?'”

“My basic strategy for leveling is pretty straightforward for a Rogue… Go to each starting area for each zone, do paci-safe quests, and along the route take ore/herbs/arch/chests as you find them. By far, more XP is gained by doing quests.”

“When a zone gets blocked by quests that require kills, move on to the next. With Chromie time, your toon can practically go everywhere. I tend to exhaust Eastern Kingdoms first (more Alliance friendly), then head to the expansion areas like Cata, Legion, MoP, etc. after I get flight. The xpacs can be hostile to toons that don’t have flight. I also saved archeology until the 60s – really so many points out there, arch is not needed.”

“I must give a shout-out to Xaya, one of the fastest levelers out there. He and I, on an hourly basis, would pass the other in level. This was the game of leap-frog to the max. He motivated me to push the leveling effort. Finally, now that it is done, I can go shower, shave, and maybe get some sleep.”

What’s next for Ster? “Oh, just working on the main Irons Catster, currently at level 68. But at a much more humane pace.”

“Thanks to Leeta and KhrysW for coming up with a fun contest to honor Five!”

Congratulations on Contester hitting max so quickly! You and Xaya really surprised us with the speed of your leveling! 

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