Congratulations to Evitrifecta, our 13th Dragonflight Green Man Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Evitrifecta for reaching max level, making her the 13th Dragonflight Green Man Challenge champion. This is Evi’s third Dragonflight Green Man Challenge Champion. Evitrifecta’s journey was 14 days, 20 hrs, 50 min, 30 sec with a /played of 1 day, 1 hours and 12 minutes. 

Why did you choose this challenge to play? Evi said, “I really enjoy Green Man. It’s such a great challenge and a good way to go experience the world or to replay an expansion. Its just enough of a challenge without being tedious.” 

What class/spec did Evi choose to go with, and were there any specific reasons for that choice? “This one is a Night Elf Marksman Hunter. Its part of a set I was hoping to complete doing all of the Elf races (Nightbourne, Blood Elf, Night Elf and Void Elf), and all three of the Hunter specs. This is the third race (completed Nightbourne and Blood Elf already), and the second spec, (both previous were Beast Masters). I like MM the least of the Hunter specs and am very much looking forward to not playing this spec again until its time to go again in The War Within! The toon was also named Evitrifecta after I had completed the challenge on Eviangy, and said I wanted to go for the trifecta, so it seemed fitting. It was a bit of a facetious name, but ended up actually going all the way which surprised me! I had some friends who were pushing me along the whole time too, so a big shoutout to Aliss, Dorg and Viv for your support.”

What path did you take to level, and were there specific reasons for those choices? Evi said, “It has been a long time since I played Legion, and after reading the rules that we could equip the artifact weapon momentarily for the quest, I figured it was time to revisit the Broken Shore. It was a blast playing through all the zones again, I completed all four on the way from 10 to 60, including some of the class order hall quest chains, and finding the Pillars of Creation as best I could. You definitely need to be on top of buying weapons in this route though. With the expectation you will have the artifact weapon on, there is not a single weapon available from quests, so I visited the AH a few times to upgrade. Once I hit 60, I took off to the Dragon Isles again, doing world quests and completely finishing Azure Span, most of Thaldraszus, a good chunk of the Waking Shores but not even touching Ohn’ahran Plains before I was done.” 

If this was not the first challenger of yours in this specific challenge to reach max level, did your leveling path differ from previous champions and if so why? “Each challenger has gone through a different route so far. Evistriana did Pandaria, Eviangy did some BfA, Cataclysm and Shadowlands, so to keep things fresh I went back to an expansion that I haven’t been through in a while. Just nice to spread it out and see the world,” Evi said.

Did you have any close calls while leveling this character? “Two big ones here! I came SO close to dying to fall damage in Val’sharah running back to the Grove of Cenarius. Water was just not as deep as I had expected! Luckily, I survived on less than 10%. The second close call was in Thaldraszus. I had followed the story chain right the way to the Primalist Future and chasing Chromie through time. I totally forgot how useless the NPC is in the first zone and got set upon by three mobs all with 500k+ health. There was a lot of defensive spells dropped here, Turtle, Frost and Tar Traps too. The aggro just would not drop so in the end I had to resort to Feign Death to get out. It was tight though, working in a confined space and with a spec I don’t feel comfortable with. That was at 67 so losing the toon that late would of been very painful,” Evi mentioned.

Do you have any advice you would give to someone else thinking of trying out the Green Man challenge? Evi said, “Playing it cool is the secret to success here. Taking your time to consider your route through zones, which quests to avoid, which gear to equip and making sure you stay up to date. And always have an escape plan! Oh, and happy new year!”

Are you working on any other challengers, or do you plan on taking a break for a while? “In the last podcast of the year a lovely soul suggested I go for every class in Green, plus a Paci as my resolutions for 2024. So, first and foremost I want to get a Void Elf Survival Hunter complete, (currently work in progress), and then move on to all the other classes too. I’ll probably do a Disc Priest, Demo Warlock, Frost Mage and who knows what else – not thought that far ahead yet!” Evi states.

Congratulations once again to Evi on Evitrifecta becoming our 13th Dragonflight Green Man Challenge Champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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