Congratulations to Ferreday, Our 21st BfA Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferreday on becoming our 21st Battle for Azeroth Pacifist Challenge champion! It took Ferre almost 113 days with a /played time of 7 seven days and 2 hours to reach max level with Ferreday.

Ferreday is Ferre’s 9th max level challenger overall and her 5th Pacifist this expansion. Her other max levels include 2 Working, 1 Green, and an Iron challenger.

Ferreday had been created for the Patiently Pacifist contest we had a while back. Ferre reached level 33 during the contest as she’s not a fast leveler and had other challengers she was more focused on at the time.

“This is my first non-NE pacifist, and for quite a while I found myself reaching for a Shadowmeld button that didn’t exist for her. Until she got Vanish at 48, that lack of an escape mechanism did color my choices with her.”

“Having leveled as a mage pacifist actually helped in terms of knowing how to avoid situations that would require disappearing. Running away is an option, but isn’t usually my choice; I prefer to avoid getting into combat situations.”

“Basically, her leveling path was the same as my other pacifists – lots of gathering, exploring (using fp’s to help get to 10 once she had enough cash from fishing in Boralus.) Once she had Sap and Blind, gathering becomes easier on a rogue, and I really appreciated having stealth after spending time on the mage.”

“Since we weren’t quite sure when the pre-patch would happen, I started archeology a little earlier on her than I sometimes do – around lvl 80 (still passing on some of the scarier dig sites until she was higher lvl).”

“When she was 113, I decided to push to finish before the pre-patch, so that was some pretty concentrated dig time (for me at least).”

Were there any close calls with Ferreday? “Not really any that I recall. I did choose to leave several dig sites when she was getting close to max level due to the presence of other players questing or digging there.”

Ferre has the following tip for those attempting the Pacifist Challenge: “One thing that I learned from a guildmate pertains to dig sites in Uldum. On my earlier pacifists I got a lot of sites there (even completing the Vial of the Sands on one of them). Then they stopped appearing. This probably coincided with Uldum becoming a lvl 120 zone.  However, if you portal into Uldum and talk to Zidormi to go back in time – you DO get the Uldum dig sites appearing!  This was a big help to me in my push to get those 10 levels, since I primarily do archeology in Kalimdor and having good sties available in Uldum reduced travel time.”

Will Ferre be taking a break until Shadowlands or are there other challengers on her horizon? “Well, it’s pre-patch time tomorrow(Oct.13th). We’ll see what that brings. I have a baby Druid Pacifist (33) and a NE Hunter Working Man in her early 40s. (along with my usual assortment of other challengers).  I’ll be spending some time with them before the expansion actually lands.”

Good luck with your other challengers, Ferre, and congrats once again on becoming our 21st BfA Pacifist champion with Ferreday!

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