Congratulations to Ferreday, our 21st Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Ferreday for reaching max level, making her the 21st Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion. This is Ferre’s twentieth Dragonflight Challenge Champion. She also has eight other Pacifist challengers, five Working Man challengers, three Iron Man challengers and three Green Man challenger – all max level Dragonflight Champions. Ferreday’s journey was 1407 days, 20 hrs, 21 min, 26 sec with a /played of 9 days, 1 hour and 4 minutes. 

Why did you choose this challenge to play? Ferre said, “I wanted to play a non-Night Elf Pacifist.”

What class/spec did Ferre choose to go with, and were there any specific reasons for that choice? “Ferreday is a Human Subtlety Rogue. I wanted to try a non-Night Elf Pacifist, and really like the crowd control and escape options offered by a Rogue.

What path did you take to level, and were there specific reasons for those choices? Ferre said, “In the early levels, she did a lot of gathering, exploration, treasure hunting and non-violent quests, (including holidays and DMF). Once she out leveled the old world zones, she did a lot of Archeology. During the Shadowlands expansion, she focussed on WQs. She continued doing those during Dragonflight when they gave bonus experience, but also relied heavily on old world Archeology, cooking/fishing dailies, DMF and holiday event quests.”

Ferre mentioned she really didn’t have any close calls while leveling Ferreday.

Do you have any advice you would give to someone else thinking of trying out the Pacifist challenge? Ferre said, “Feel free to change up professions at will. The DMF profession quests don’t require any specific skill levels. During Shadowlands, Ferreday dropped Mining and replaced it with Alchemy, which provided safer profession-based WQ’s. She also did a lot of Archeology, not only when she was leveling to 120, but during this expansion between 62-70. I’d actually forgotten how much fun it can be on a Rogue, utilizing the talent point ‘Subterfuge’ which allows for Archeology Prospecting to be done while Stealthed.”

Are you working on any other challengers, or do you plan on taking a break for a while? “Ongoing Pacifists, Iron Mans, Working Mans and Green Man challengers,” Ferre states.

Congratulations once again to Ferre on Ferreday becoming our 21st Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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