Congratulations to Ferreh, our 11th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferreh on becoming our 11th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion! This is Ferre’s fifth max level Champion, as she has already levelled two Pacifist and two Working Man Challenge toons so far in the Dragonflight expansion. Ferreh’s journey took 633 days, 15 hrs, 55 min, 3 sec, with a total /played of 3 days, 14 hours, 32 minutes.
Why did you choose this challenge to play? Ferre said, “I love my Pacifists! This was my first Horde Pacifist.”

What class/spec did you choose to go with, and were there any specific reasons for that choice? “Ferreh is a Tauren Resto Druid. I like the ability to Prowl, and especially to have instant Flight Form – a big help in herbing. Taurens also have a racial ability that grants quicker herbing (Cultivation). A Resto Druid has many healing spells, including HOT’s. If they draw aggro, a Rejuvenation followed by Dash provides a possible escape to get to somewhere safer. I do miss having Shadowmeld and/or Vanish as escape options, so she had to be careful, but resto druids have really good healing.”

What path did you take to level and were there specific reasons for those choices? “Ferreh reached Level 60 during the Shadowlands expansion (Threads of Fate, Night Fae), so I’ll focus here on the journey from 60 to 70. In the early 60s, she did Shadowlands WQs, including the profession WQs for Cooking, Herbing and Tailoring. The experience for the profession WQs drops off really fast though, so she just kept an eye out for those paci-safe WQs that were tagged as giving ‘extra experience’ as a reward, i.e. full quest reward for your level. She also did holiday quests, DMF profession quests and turn-ins, and a LOT of cooking and fishing in Thunder Bluff. Also some Archeology, but this wasn’t a huge priority for her, being more of a homebody.”

Did you have any close calls while leveling this character? Ferre mentioned, “Not really. She was pretty cautious while doing herbing in SL, probably her riskiest activity. Good to be a Tauren Druid bird for the faster herbing though! I did not go to the Dragon Isles. I don’t feel safe from proxy kills there, especially the starting area there, and I’m not any good at Dragonriding. It seems very hard to even herb there without it, so I just didn’t go there at all.”

Ferre offers this advice for anyone thinking of trying the Pacifist Challenge, “This experience really highlighted for me how important it is to know the areas and quests. I didn’t (and don’t) know these things on the Horde-side, and the whole process took a lot longer than it would have for an Alliance Druid. Play what you know! This had a pretty large influence on where she went to do Archeology – trying to avoid blundering into (or too near) Alliance camps and guards. I like Shadowlands for that reason – there is no faction factor to complicate things!”

Are you working on any other challengers, or do you plan on taking a break for a while? Ferre said, “Ongoing Pacifist, Working Man, and Green Man Challengers. I have several Iron Mans very slowly making their way from Lvl 60 – 70, but that’s going to take some time.”

Congratulations once again on Ferreh becoming our 11th Pacifist Challenge Champion of Dragonflight. All the best Ferre with your Challenge adventures.

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