Congratulations to Ferrekadyna, Our 4th Shadowlands Working Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferrekadyna on becoming our 4th Shadowlands Working Man Challenge champion! Ferrekadyna’s Working Man journey took 563 days, 2 hours with a /played time of 4 days, 19 hours, and 40 minutes to complete.

Ferrekadyna marks Ferre’s 12th Shadowlands champion and her second Working Man champion of this expansion.

Ferre chose the Working Man Challenge this time because “…wanted to do a Working Man challenger who would be able to do archeology in more than the usual Azeroth regions.”

Ferrekadyna was created as a Night Elf Beast Master Hunter. “A Beast Master Hunter seemed like the best choice for my goal of a broader archeology experience. That was something I’d never really done even on regulars. Her ability to kill annoying mobs in the area and/or the ones that would pop up from a dig site proved to be a good choice.”

When it came to picking out a leveling path for Ferrekadyna Ferre leveled her throught different zones in Azeroth, Draenor, and Mists of Pandaria. “She never went to SL zones. When the Shadowlands expansion began, she continued doing archeology from 50-60. But she chose to do digsites in Draenor, Pandaria and Legion zones, along with a few in BfA, though not a lot. (I can’t fly there and just getting around was annoying. That’s the only archeology skill that she didn’t max out.)”

“She had one specific goal in Legion archeology, and that was to complete the quest that rewards the moose mount, Spirit of Eche’ro. It is a quest reward from the quest Laying to Rest. This quest is only available twice a year, and she was fortunate to catch it as it started. It involves collecting special fragments from dig sites in High Mountain, not hard to do, but there were some special spawns occasionally, so I was glad to have a hunter and pet to deal with them.”

“She completed a lot of archeology achievements in WoD, MoP and some in Legion that I’d never gotten before. It’s worth noting that the experience from each dig site in these zones is less than that obtained from sites in Kalimdor, EK, Northrend and Cata zones. So I knew it was going to be a slower leveling experience, but felt worth it.”

“She paused at about 1 block from lvl 60 when the challenge tracker was not functioning and completed her run once it was back up and running.”

Did Ferre have any close calls with Ferrekadyna? “She had a couple of scary experiences while doing archeology in Legion zones. I didn’t realize that there were some designated areas that flag you for PvP just by flying into the area. She got out of there quickly! When she was in her late 50’s, some of the mobs that would spawn at Legion digsites were at her level. I wasn’t expecting this and she was having a hard time killing it, so Shadowmeld saved the day. That was the end of Legion digging for her. Even BfA seemed more appealing.”

Ferre has the following advice for those trying out the Working Man Challenge: “I love this challenge! Love that it offers so much choice in the path you take – and you can change what you’re doing to suit your level (and interests). Early on, I’d suggest just questing normally as you would on an Iron Man, except stopping to pick flowers and mine to add easy experience. I do suggest doing a fair bit of archeology – you can turn off Chromie time and dig easily in the old world once you’re level 40 or so. Once you hit 50, you can do professions and WQ’s, etc. in SL zones and/or continue supplementing that with archeology. Don’t forget holidays, cook/fish dailies, and DMF quests!”

What’s next for Ferre? Is it break time or off to the next challenger? Well Ferre has told us that she’ll be working through a backlog of Working Man and Green Man challengers that had to be put on hold while those trackers were down. Plus, you never know what other Pacifist or Iron challengers she may have waiting in the wings.

Congratulations again on Ferrekadyna becoming our 4th Shadowlands Working Man champion and good luck with the rest of your challengers!

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