Congratulations to Ferrelyric, Our 33rd Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferrelyric on becoming our 33rd Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion! Ferrelyric’s Iron Man journey took 1,422 days to complete with a /played time of 12 days, 20 hours, and 15 minutes.

Ferre is one of our veteran challenge players so it comes as no surprise this is not her first max-level challenger in this expansion. Ferrelyric is her 2nd Iron champion and her 5th Shadowlands max-level challenger across multiple challenges. 

Ferre chose to go with the Iron Man Challenge this time out because she likes to have at least a couple of Iron Man challengers in progress. She also notes that “some expansions are more friendly to them than others though.”

Ferre went with a Night Elf Rogue for Ferrelyric’s race and class. She explained to us that “I’d always wanted an Iron Man Rogue at max-level. I love sneaking, love the additional NE Shadowmeld escape route, and really like Rogue crowd control.”

Iron Man rogues can be pretty squishy. With this in mind, Ferre chose to go with the following leveling path for Ferrelyric: “She didn’t do much in the way of kill-quests over the past couple of expansions. She just couldn’t safely kill much at her own level. So she always did a lot of exploration, treasure hunting, holiday quests, and DMF turn-ins during the Legion and BFA expansions.”

“From 50-60, she did Threads of Fate, joining the Night Fae. She did mostly World Quests, but some additional non-violent SL quests in various zones (mostly Ardenweald). Also, holidays and DMF turn-ins were helpful!”

As we’ve stated in previous celebration articles, it can be very helpful to others to know about any close calls our challengers had while leveling. Ferre couldn’t remember anything too specific as this challenger has been around for a while. “The details are fuzzy with time, but back in Legion zones, she found out pretty quickly that killing wasn’t going to be an option. Thankful for Vanish!”

Ferre has the following advice for those thinking of trying out the Iron Man Challenge: “Think of it almost like 2 sequential challenges – the first part is getting to level 50, which offers a lot of options for choosing zones and quests and a mix of activities. What you choose to do depends on your class to a great extent – see how far you get with doing killing-type quests – that varies a LOT with class/race/spec. Part 2 is SL. Again, highly class-specific. In my own experience, World Quests are key especially when you’ve run out of doable things by your mid-50s or earlier. Keep up with doing holiday quests!”

What’s next for Ferre? Will she be taking a break or is it on to the next challenger? “I have active challengers in the Pacifist, Iron Man, Working Man, and Green Man challenges.”

We wish you the best of luck with all your challengers and congratulations on becoming our 33rd Shadowlands Iron Man champion with Ferrelyric!

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