Congratulations to Ferreskyye, Our 1st Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferreskyye on becoming our first Pacifist challenger to reach level 60 in Shadowlands. This character’s total /played time comes in at 9 days, 20 hours, and 54 minutes. Having previously made it to level 120, however, her /played time in Shadowlands was a total of 1 day and 22 hours.

Ferreskyye is one of Ferre’s nine challengers that had reached the max level of 120 during the Battle for Azeroth expansion. This is Ferre’s first challenger to reach the new max level of 60 in Shadowlands.

For Ferre, choosing a Pacifist challenger to kick off her Shadowlands adventures just made sense. It’s her favorite challenge and the one she’s the most passionate about. 

Ferre took the following path with Ferreskyye to level from 50 to 60: “In this expansion, there are very few options for leveling as a pacifist. The new SL zones are not accessible since the intro requires going through the Maw, which involves killing. There is some experience available from chests in BFA until level 53 or so, but quests (including holiday quests) give minimal experience.

Archeology is the only profession that provides experience. This can be done in any of the pre-SL expansion zones. The best experience is still in the old world – EK, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend  (including the Cata zones in those areas). Total exp per dig site is lower in the other expansion zones, so I didn’t do any of those.”

Did Ferreskyye experience any while leveling this time out? “No, not really.  I had leveled another pacifist from 50 to 53 before encountering a strange (and still unexplained) critter kill situation at Stonetalon Peak  (a tentacle killed a critter and I got credit for it). So I avoided that dig site on this Pacifist and was hyper-aware of NPC’s fighting other mobs in my vicinity at other dig sites.”

Ferre has the following advice for other Pacifist challengers: “Stay aware of what’s going on around you – even though you out level the mobs, my Stonetalon experience taught me that maybe we can’t assume that NPC behavior and what credits you with kills has stayed the same in this expansion.”

What’s next for Ferre? Is she working on leveling any other challengers? “I’m actively leveling a previously max level Working Man, and a pre-50 Pacifist, also, I’m still scouting Bastion stuff on various classes in the Iron Man and Green Man challenges. (I do not have a max level regular at this point, so sort of working on that.)”

Congratulations once again to Ferre for reaching level 60 with Ferreskyye and becoming our first Pacifist Challenge champion in Shadowlands and good luck with your other challengers.

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