Congratulations to Ferreviola, Our 11th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferreviola on becoming our 11th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Ferreviola’s Pacifist journey overall took 631 days with a /played time of 8 days to complete. Having previously reached Pacifist champion status at level 120, we were able to estimate Ferreviola’s leveling time through levels 50 to 60 at approximately 21 hours. 

This is Ferre’s 4th Shadowlands Pacifist champion and her 7th max level challenger overall this expansion.

Ferre chose to play the Pacifist Challenge with Ferreviola because “I love my pacifists!”

Ferre decided to make Ferreviola a Night Elf Frost Mage. “Most of my pacifists are sneaky classes, and I wanted to try one who was not. I did, however, make her a Night Elf so that the escape of Shadowmeld was available. The mage spell Invisibility does not take effect immediately and I didn’t really want to rely on that.”

“Frost mages have good defensive abilities – Ice Barrier helps mitigate any damage taken, Blink is always useful in running away, and Frost Nova is there as a last-ditch help in escape (though one needs to be careful not to entrap critters, etc.). It was important NOT to summon the water elemental – who had their own ideas about what should be attacked. Mage teleportation spells are a wonderful help in getting around when doing archeology all over Azeroth.”

Ferre chose the following leveling path for Ferreviola: “This particular Pacifist leveled to 120 primarily with archeology after level 90 or so. When SL launched, she continued with archeology, adding back in the daily cook/fish quests, holidays, and DMF activities when they started giving normal experience again.”

“Ferreviola never went to Shadowland zones – she was level 55 by the time the Maw skip became an option. I never felt entirely comfortable doing gathering (aside from a few particular areas in Azeroth at lower levels), due to very limited crowd control and escape mechanisms. I definitely didn’t want to do gathering in SL zones.”

Ferreviola didn’t have any close calls between levels 50 to 60. However, “There were some occasions (doing archeology) between 110-120 where Shadowmeld was helpful.”

Ferre has the following advice for others trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “During this expansion, there is no need to avoid SL zones on a Pacifist, either with or without doing much gathering. Judicious choice of realm, locations, and time of day for playtime, World Quests are very possible (even though this one never went there to do that). Archaeology is always a fallback option, and holidays/DMF remain important.”

What’s next for Ferre? Will she be taking a break or diving back in on another challenger? “Ongoing Pacifist, Iron, Working Man, and Green Man challengers.”

Congratulations on Ferreviola becoming our 11th Shadowlands Pacifist champion and best of luck to your other challengers!

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