Congratulations to Ferreviola, our 19th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Ferreviola for reaching max level, making her the 19th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion. This is Ferre’s eighth Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion. 
Ferre also has two Green Man challengers , two Iron Man challenger and four Working Man challengers – all max level Dragonflight Champions. Ferreviola’s journey was 1385 days, 7 hrs, 45 min, 11 sec, with a /played of 8 days, 11 hours and 58 minutes. 

Why did you choose this challenge to play? Ferre says, “I love my Pacifists! And after Druids and Rogues, Mages are my favorite class to play. I was excited when it became possible to have NE Mages.” There is a reason Ferre is known as the ‘Pacifist Queen’.

What class/spec did you choose to go with and were there any specific reasons for that choice? Ferre mentioned, “She is a NE Frost Mage. Most of my Pacifists are sneaky classes so I wanted to try one who wasn’t. She IS a Night Elf though, so she has an escape route in Shadowmeld. I never like relying on the Mage spell for Invisibility. Frost Mages have good defensive abilities – Ice Barrier helps mitigate any damage taken, and Blink/Shimmer is always useful in running away. I especially liked having teleportation spells to get around when doing Archeology.”

What path did you take to level and were there specific reasons for those choices? Ferre says, “Ferreviola started back in the BFA expansion, doing gathering, exploration and non-violent quests until reaching Level 90, when she started doing serious Archeology. She leveled to 120 primarily with Archeology after that. She continued with Archeology in the Shadowlands expansion and did a bit of it during the current expansion as well. She did not go to the Dragon Isles. mostly due to the danger of proximity kills (and not being sneaky). She mainly did the cook/fish daily quests, holidays, and DMF activities.”

Did you have any close calls while leveling this character? “There were some occasions (doing Archeology), where Shadowmeld was helpful,” Ferre mentioned.

Do you have any advice you would give to someone else thinking of trying out the pacifist challenge? Ferre says, “I’d suggest picking a race/class/spec that offers you the most options for defensive/healing/survival skills. Mages are well suited to a playstyle that involves a lot of travel between zones, (i.e. for Archeology, World Quests, etc.) And always make the most of holiday and DMF activities!”

Are you working on any other challengers or do you plan on taking a break for a while? “Ongoing Pacifists, Irons, Working Mans and Green Man,” Ferre said.

Congratulations once again to Ferre on Ferreviola becoming our 19th Dragonflight Pacifist Champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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