Congratulations to Ferrihope, Our 6th BfA Green Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Ferrihope on reaching max level and becoming our 6th Battle for Azeroth Green Man Challenge champion. Winema carefully guided Ferrihope to level 120 in approximately 71 days with a /played time of 4 days and 19 minutes. This is Winema’s second max level Green Man challenger. Her first, Ferrigreen, was also the first Green Man Challenge champion ever.

Reaching max level with her second Green Man turned out to be a heartbreaking journey at times but Winema knew she could do it and was determined to get there. “…I came very close with a shaman that got to 119…. And died just 30k off 120 (one quest!!!) because of a faulty mouse. It had only 6 greens. I decided I simply had to do it again and had three tries that died at 79, 83, and 96 until I finally managed it with this one. Whoever says greenies are a piece of cake… it is not true!”

We know some challengers prefer to stick to specific leveling paths they have put together over time. While others prefer to jump from zone to zone depending on their mood. So you may be wondering, which approach did Winema take while leveling Ferrihope? “I do not have a specific path for greenies since they are relatively easy in the lower levels.
Draenor, Legion, and BfA are much more difficult. When over 100, I stayed in Legion and did quests in Suramar as there are quite a few quests there that give full xp even if you are 108 or 109. They are limited and you have to do some quests for virtually no xp, but I was not in a hurry and dread BfA.”

We like to ask our fellow challengers if they had any close calls while leveling in hopes of expanding the information available about possibly dangerous quests, troublesome modes of travel, or rares that are better left alone. While no specific incidents stood out, Winema said she had quite a few close calls while leveling Ferrihope. “…thanks to my elemental and a lot of healing I managed to survive. BfA is very dangerous for a shammy as we cannot dispel poison or disease and it takes our life away VERY fast.”

Winema shared the following advice with us for those thinking about trying the Green Man Challenge. “I firmly believe greenies are a wonderful way of learning the quests and paving the path for an Iron. I do my greenies with less and less greens and in that way, I learn what they can do or not do. I hope to apply my knowledge to an Iron eventually though I never have gotten one to max.”

Now that Ferrihope has reached max level will Winema be taking a break or does she have other challengers frantically waving their hands in the air crying out for their turn to get leveled? “I have a bit of everything (except BT… sorry Nisey…) but what I most enjoy playing is the teams… we were very sad to lose our level 96 Iron team, but have started another one and hope we can do better this time. A break? From the challenges? Is there another way to play???”

Best of luck with your Iron team Winema and once again congratulations on reaching max level with Ferrihope to become our 6th BfA Green Man Challenge champion!

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