Congratulations to Gotashed, Our 30th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Gotashed on becoming our 30th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion! Gotashed’s Iron Man journey took just over 474 days with a /played time of 10 days, 23 hours, and 38 minutes.

Gotashed is Ash’s first Iron Man challenger to reach max level this expansion and his 2nd level 60 Shadowlands challenger. His first Shadowlands max level challenger was his Pacifist Ashspaci.

Ash told us his leveling path with Gotashed went as follows: “Old world until I got flight then dailies in Northrend and MoP. Added in exploring and chest hunting. Once you hit 51 hit The Maw and let the NPCs do all the work. Once you hit SL intro type quests then world quests. Takes a long time that way but Brewfest and Hollow’s End sure helped.”

Close calls. While not every challenger may experience them, a good number of us have. Did Ash have any with Gotashed? “Many close calls, red flashing screen is never a good thing. As a NE Shadowmeld is your friend.”

When we asked Ash if he had any advice for others thinking of trying out the Iron Man Challenge he had this to say: “Don’t forget to add in exploring and hunting for safe chests. Also once you get to The Maw let the NPCs do all the work. Make sure to take the world quest option and wait for the safer daily world quests to pop up along with taking advantage of holiday events.”

What’s next for Ash? Will he be taking a break or moving on to the next challenger? “I always have another Iron or 2 in the works. Lost my level 58 Druid so started another.”

Ouch, that’s rough to lose a challenger so close to the finish line. We’re glad to see you’ve picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and are back at it. Good luck with those other challengers and congratulations once again on becoming our 30th Iron Man champion with Gotashed!

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