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Congratulations to Greencell, Our 4th BfA Green Man Champion!

Congratulations to Greencell on becoming our 4th Green Man Champion of Battle for Azeroth! It took Cell 40 days with a /played time of 3 days and 18 hours to complete the challenge.

Cell’s leveling path covered both Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. It started out in Teldrassil and Darkshore before moving on to Elwynn, Redridge, and Duskwood. He also spent some time leveling in Stranglethorn, Western Plague and Dustwallow. Questing in Dun Morogh and Loch Modan was saved for last to get some easier experience gains. Cell went on to say, “Then the rest of the expacs were a proper jumble with the XP boost.”

Leveling a challenger can come with some close calls and heart-stopping moments especially the higher up in level you get. His closest call was at 119 when he pulled a mob that instantly aggroed 3 others when engaged. He had forgotten about the mechanic. It involved one of the oil scavengers near the turtles in North West Stormsong Valley.

When asked if he had any advice to share with others, Cell had this to say, “Understand luck! There is a lot of gameplay and game time that goes into a max level character. To get through that requires luck, besides patience, preparation, and knowledge, etc, etc….. so don’t feel bad if a toon dies to something you didn’t expect.”

What’s next for Cell? Well, he’ll be keeping busy working on the other challenges. He currently has 2 Irons levels 60 and 85, 1 Working Man at level 70, 1 Pacifist at level 75 and 2 Blood Thirsty challengers at levels 36 and 46.

Best of luck on your other challengers and congratulation once again Cell on reaching max level with Greencell and becoming our 4th Battle for Azeroth Green Man Champion!


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