Congratulations to Halioo, Our 59th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Halioo on becoming our 59th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion! Halioo’s Iron Man journey took 1,993 days, 8 hours, and 22 minutes with a /played time of 3 days and 5 hours to complete!

Halioo is Hal’s 1st ever challenge champion!

Hal decided to play the Iron Man Challenge because “I saw that Iron Man allowed talents now after Dragonflight pre-patch dropped and decided to dust off this monk. It was made in 2016 or 2017 and got to level 80 before I got bored and let it sit until recently.”

Halioo was created as a Night Elf Wind Walker Monk. “I went with Night Elf Wind Walker Monk. Night Elf because Shadowmeld is just so good and because Night Elves are cool. Wind Walker Monk didn’t really have much thought put into it besides “it has the challenge of being melee but with crazy healing and utility”. I ended up sticking with the WW Monk on my 2nd go around because it has so many good cooldowns that you can dump all at once to obliterate named mobs which are usually quite scary.”

Hal shared with us the following information regarding Halioo’s leveling path: “So because this character is very old I can’t really remember what I did for most of it since it was so long ago (and I was 16. enough said lmao.) I think for 1-80 (1-31 in modern times) I just went through Teldrassil, Loch Modan, Wetlands, and onward through North Eastern Kingdoms and I went to Northrend when I hit 60. The only reason I remember this is because during Legion there was a patch that hit that made Iron Man really hard because mobs got a lot more health but before that, I was one shotting things left and right, and a memory that stuck with me on this character was one shotting a rare dragon in Northrend with rising sun kick and being bewildered and thinking “Ah. Okay. That’s fair.”.

“Upon my return, I went straight to zones that were very familiar to me since even with the new talents mobs can still kill me in a matter of seconds and I didn’t want any surprises. My route looked like Westfall, Duskwood, some of Northern Stranglethorn, Darkshore, Ashenvale, and Feralas. I ended up just exploring Pandaria for 59-60. Most people like to do dailies and passive quests when they get to the higher levels but frankly I am a bit impatient and I thought it was boring and fought tooth and nail all the way to 59 before deciding to just coast along the last level as a sort of treat.”

Did Hal have any close calls while leveling Halioo? “I didn’t have any 1-30 but I had quite a few on the 30-60 route. I had my hp drop to 1% doing a quest in Duskwood where a mob somehow got aggroed from outside a building and started teaming up on me on top of a quest mob. If I didn’t take a talent that increased your expel harm healing the lower your hp is I’m certain I would have died.”

“I also nearly got one shot twice by Edana the Harpy in Feralas at level 59. I remember writing down years ago somewhere that the Feralas Harpies did broken damage but obviously I forgot this. I somehow got out alive and that was what made me decide to just explore zones for the rest of the level lol. My internet isn’t the greatest so I have frequent ping spikes which caused a lot of scary moments and about 2 disconnects but thankfully they were just while I was flying from zone to zone.”

When we asked Hal if they had any advice for others trying out the Iron Man Challenge they had this to say: “I’m not qualified. I am super impatient and hyper aggressive and don’t do dailies. Don’t do what I did.”

What’s next for Hal? Will they be taking a break or charging ahead on another challenger? “I have about 5 or 6 various Iron Men and Green Men laying around that I’ve played on and off for a long time, I do plan to try again with those guys since I feel like this is the perfect expansion to be an Iron Man. It’s not a pushover but with the new talents it’s so so so fun having to utilize everything to the best of your abilities. Having more than 3 buttons as an Iron Man is really fun.”

Good luck with your future challenge adventures Hal and congrats once again on Halioo becoming our 59th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion!

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