Congratulations to Harmless, Our 5th Shadowlands Pacifist Champion!

Congratulations to Harmless on reaching max level and becoming our 5th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Harmless’s Pacifist journey took just over 36 days with a /played time of 1 day and 23 hours.

Harmless is Ruse’s first challenger to reach max level. “I’ve tried many times before, and came fairly close at times, but never quite made it before.”

Ruse chose to play the Pacifist Challenge because, “I enjoy playing a pacifist, being a much different playstyle than any other challenges. I like to do as much as I can without doing any damage at all (I didn’t do any damage at all on this character).”

According to Ruse, Harmless’s leveling path may not have been the most efficient, but it is as follows: “The path I took was pretty much to seek out as many pacifist friendly quests as I could while gathering along the way and to fill in gaps. This took me all over the map, so a fair bit of traveling. From around level 51, and without being able to start in Shadowlands, I pretty much just did the rest with Archaeology, mostly in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Pretty safe, but probably the longest grind of the whole challenge. At that level, this definitely seems to be the best source of XP.”

Close calls can happen at any time with any challenger. Did Ruse have any while leveling Harmless? “I don’t recall any really close calls. In fact, this character saw probably the least amount of action I’ve had on any Pacifist I’ve tried so far.”

Ruse has the following advice for others wanting to try out the Pacifist Challenge: “I would say the main thing is to take it slowly. If a gathering node is close to a lot of mobs, and you don’t have the tools (CC, vanish, speed boost, etc.) to get it safely, just move on. The same thing with quests. As a rule (and because of prior bad experience…) I pretty much ignored anything that sent me into a cave/indoor space, because once you get in it can quickly be the end. Even with a vanish-like Shadowmeld, if it’s too dense with mobs sometimes they can spot you again straight away, and then you’re stuck!”

“Oh, and if you don’t already have the option turned on, enable “Interact on left click” and get into the habit of left-clicking for gathering nodes, quest items, etc. Saves accidentally right-clicking on a stray rabbit hidden in that peacebloom node and murdering it… learned that one the hard way too.”

What’s next for Ruse? Is it time or a break or time to jump back in with another challenger? “I will probably move on to the Iron Man Challenge next, starting from scratch… not sure which class yet.”

We wish you the best of luck with your next challenger and congratulations once again on becoming our 5th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion with Harmless!

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