Congratulations to Hunterster, Our 10th Shadowlands Iron Champion!

Congratulations to Hunterster on reaching max level and becoming our 10th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion! Hunterster’s total playtime comes in at just over 33 days with a /played time of 4 days.

When asked why he chose to play a Hunter this time out, Ster said “I created this hunter a little over a month ago, with the goal of enjoying the assistance of a pet. My favorite pet has to be Arcturis, the spirit bear found near Amberpine Lodge. The heals from Spirit Mend is a nice bonus, plus, that bear just likes to chew up NPCs.”

Ster uses the same leveling strategy with most if not all of his Irons. “Levels 1-30 with entry quests in your favorite zones – for me the Night Elf starting zone, then over to Goldshire, Westfall, Duskwood, and Wetlands. Once I ding 30 and learn how to fly, I then go and enable Chromie time, and go do the entry quests for MoP, Outlands, Northrend, etc. You’ll quickly hit 50 this way. I’ll do the daily loops thru BfA grabbing daily treasures until I hit 52, which takes about a week. From there, thru the Shadowlands Maw, which will get you to 53. From there, did the iron-friendly Bonus/World quests plus the easy entry quests in each of the four SL zones. Overall, I must have spent 2 weeks going from 1 to 50, while the rest of the time was 51 to 60. Unfortunately, the 56-60 levels are slower as you run out of safe SL quests and are stuck waiting for doable daily quests. But you’ll get there.”

Ster has the following advice for those thinking of trying out the Iron Man Challenge: “This might sound like a broken record, but now is a great time to level a newer toon from 1 to 50. Holidays like Noblegarden are an eggcellent way to get easy XP.”

Taken while on the daily quest “We’ll Make an Aspirant Out of You”

What’s next for Ster? “Oh, just dinking around with a priest and mage. I dunno if they will hit max level, these two toons are very squishy and not as robust as a Druid, Rogue, Hunter, or Paladin. But then, I’m not as skilled with Priest or Mage, maybe others will be more successful.”

Once again congratulations to Ster on reaching max level with Hunterster and becoming our 10th Shadowlands Iron champion! Best of luck with your Priest and Mage!

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