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Congratulations to Janglurc, Our 16th BfA Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Janglurc on reaching max level and becoming our 16th Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Challenge champion! Janglurc made it to level 120 in just under 75 days with a /played time of 6 days and 10 hours. While this is Jang’s first max level Iron Man challenger he also scored a max level Green Man challenger, Jangreen, back in February of this year.

The road to 120 can take on many different forms. While some paths may be the same at some points during the journey for a lot of challengers, it is interesting to know how those who have reached max level got there and where their paths varied from others. “I take pretty much the same path with all of my irons up until the mid 100’s. There’s nothing fancy or unusual about it, I just try to hit the easy stuff and avoid the difficult quests and mobs. I tried two new things this time. To get to 111, I did a ton of low level quests, accumulating XP slowly but safely. And from 111 on, I mostly killed Faintstep Stoats outside of Norwington.”

Many of us have had a close call while leveling our challengers. Some of those close calls being more memorable than others. Jang had a close call I’m sure he will never forget while he was leveling Janglurc. “I accidentally extinguished the horde bonfire in Suramar when I was level 119. I don’t think my heart was beating while I hearthed.”

We like to ask our fellow challengers what advice if any they would like to give others who may be thinking of trying out any of the challenges because you never know you could learn a new tip or trick. Jang’s advice for others: “I would say that if you stick with it awhile, I guarantee you will learn new things about the game.”

What’s next for Janglur? Is he working on any other challengers or does he plan on taking a bit of break for now? Well…”I’m finishing up the Paci challenge, and will probably take it a little easy for a bit.  But I have another iron that’s 93. Maybe I’ll try to go back-to-back.”

Janglur we wish you the best of luck with your other challengers and once again congratulations on reaching max level with Janglurc and becoming our 16th Battle for Azeroth Iron Man Challenge champion!


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