Congratulations to Lireana, Our 34th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Lireana on becoming our 34th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion! Lireana’s Iron Man journey took 14 days and 19 hours with a /played time of 3 days and 1 hour to complete.

Lireana is Wisef0x’s first-ever challenge champion! “I tried the Iron Man Challenge dozens of times in the last few years, but every time something went wrong. But a few times I was close.”

Wisef0x chose to play the Iron Man Challenge because “…when I played constantly, the Iron Man Challenge was a breath of fresh air for me. I really love the old zones, their quests, entourage, and music. This challenge is a great reason to visit them again. It is also a fun way to test yourself. Here everything completely depends on you, your knowledge and skills.”

Night Elf Guardian Druid was the race and spec chosen for Lireana. Wisef0x said “Invisibility is very useful and Druid flight form allows you to do many quests very quickly and safely. Guardian druids have many saves and a lot of healing so you feel as safe as possible.”

When we asked Wisef0x about his leveling path, he shared the following with us: “I don’t have a specific path. Usually, I choose the zone that I want to visit right now because I know every zone, but of course, some of them are better for questing and some worse. I like classic zones so I used Chromie Time.”

“My path for this toon was: Night Elves starting zone, Teldrassil (all quests), Darkshore (so many quests… all are passable but you should be careful), Ashenvale (it’s next zone after Darkshore – many quests are dangerous and very uncomfortable, but some are quick and easy – I did some and jumped to Eastern Kingdoms).”

“In my opinion, most zones of Eastern Kingdoms are much better suited for questing than Kalimdor’s. Stormwind city (few quests, beware Sewer Beast – meeting him is deadly for an Iron Man), Elwynn Forest (I just like this zone and you can renew your white gear at approximately level 30), Westfall (most quests are passable, some dangerous), Redridge Mountains (except Keeshan’s questline, I did the questline later as grey quests. Very dangerous zone for Ironman but some quests are easy).”

“Hereafter it is worth knowing all the subtleties of quests well in order not to die. Duskwood (maybe my favorite questing zone. Most of the quests are very convenient but some are deadly dangerous), Stranglethorn Vale (so many quests. Most of the quests in The Cape of Stranglethorn are too dangerous for an Iron Man at higher levels), Western Plaguelands (did some quests), The Hinterlands (few quests), Arathi (same), Wetlands (all quests), Loch Modan (almost all), Dun Morogh (at level 49 good to renew your white gear one last time).”

“Then I flew all over the Legion zones, then BfA zones. Gathered all the chests and was 53 level.”

“Then I quested in Revendreth (almost all quests except most “last” bosses), Bastion (same), and Ardenweald (same). In the final half level, I did some daily quests and killed Blistering Ash Ghouls and Crazed Ash Ghouls at Ember Ward(Revendreth). There everywhere lies Remnants of light and killing mobs is very quick and easy. Also, a good chance to find grey high-level gear.”

Wisef0x has the following advice for those attempting the Iron Man Challenge: “In the process of leveling, I can advise you to avoid all vehicle and underwater quests(only if you are not completely sure that these quests are safe). Be very careful with “final” bosses, some of them may have very unpleasant abilities or debuffs. Fata the Soulflayer in Revendreth almost finished my challenge although I killed him by myself. And for example, Leonid in Bastion turned out to be surprisingly easy for me but some ordinary monsters can be even more dangerous at higher levels. So if you doubt just run and hide.”

“Of course, it’s no secret that the easiest way to pass this challenge is to have two characters and check all quests with one of them, but it seems to me that this is not sporting. Although that’s why this challenge stretched out for me for years. But for me, it is a pleasant meditative process.”

What’s next for Wisef0x? Will they be taking a break or working on another challenger? “Now this challenge is finished for me. Maybe later I will try another class. And of course, I will try the Iron Man Challenge in the new expansion. But now I started Iron Man in classic WoW. One hunter is already dead. It’s a pity that Blizzard never made an API to track character statistics.”

Best of luck on your challenge projects Wisef0x and congratulations on Lireana becoming our 34th Shadowlands Iron Man champion!

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