Congratulations to Nokills, Our 6th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Nokills on becoming our 6th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion! Nokills’ Pacifist journey took 6 days, 12 hours, and 50 minutes to complete.

“This is my second Pacifist to make it to max level. My first one is a Druid named NoHarmDone (Shadowlands), but she took her time to get there, this was so different.”

“I first heard about this competition, the Five Pacifist competition 1 day after it started, the 22 January. So I started that night and made my first toon, a Rogue. That one died at level 13 as I somehow equipped a green pair of legs. No idea how that happened but I went to update the toon and it said I was red flagged. So I deleted her and started another toon, a Druid this time as I had remembered that I needed the Druid travel form for underwater breathing. That toon died at level 16 to a Winter herb in BFA. Then I started this toon, another Druid, and stayed well clear of BFA.”

“I started with all the normal starting zone quests for a Pacifist, I got close to level 5 until I was done in Dolonar and moved on to Azuremyst Isle and did all the quests and herbing/mining to level 17 as that is when you get Aquatic Form. Once I had that I used the Toy to open the Kalimdor map.”

“I used the portal to Caverns of Time and then flew to Thousand Needles and started herbing/mining. At level 30 when you get flying I went and got that and made my way to Western Plaguelands and started herb/mining around the lake around Scholomance but soon found that too slow.”

“So went to Stormwind and turned on War Mode and went back to Thousand Needles and herbed/mined to level 60. With War Mode on an Alliance you get +25% XP so one lap gave me 1 level + around 2 bars.”

“When I hit level 60 and got kicked out of Chromie Time, I went to Dragonflight. Thinking I could do some quests, and do the flying world quests. Maybe get some XP from boxes and stuff. But being Ilvl 0, I could not pick most of the herbs/mines that had some kind of effect on them from fear of dying from the AOE dmg they do. Also flying so fast and landing it takes a second to see the mobs, and too many times I got attacked by a mob close to me that I could not see at first. So it was too dangerous for me there. That’s when I decided to go back to Kalimdor and only do Archeology as that’s really safe when you are so high level that all the mobs cap out at level 30, and even when you get attacked you don’t get instakilled so you can just Shadowmeld/Prowl out of it.”

“The last 10 levels took the same amount of time as the first 60 levels. My played time ended at 2 days, 7 hours, 31 minutes, and 9 seconds. I was chasing the two people that kept their distance above me, so that was a motivator to keep going fast in this competition, to see if I could catch up to them. This was really fun to do, so different than the first one. And I am frankly kinda surprised at how fast it could be done.”

“As for advice to anyone thinking of trying a Pacifist, or any other challenger class, is to just try it out! It’s so different in playstyle from regular WoW and it will take some tries to get into the mindset of a challenger, but it’s so fun to challenge yourself to see if you can actually do it. Even if you find out that it really isn’t for you, you got nothing to lose. So if you ever just wonder how it is, try it.”

What’s next for Annette? “I will for sure do some kind of other toon at a later time. Might pick up an Iron Man Shaman I have parked at level 30 from another competition I did oh maybe about 2 years ago now. But for now, I will take a break from challenger toons.”

Good luck with any future challengers and congratulations on Nokills becoming our 6th Pacifist Challenge champion of Dragonflight!

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