Congratulations to Peaceabull, Our 8th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Peaceabull on becoming our 8th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion! Peaceabull’s Pacifist journey took 324 days, 23 hrs, 30 min, 46 sec with a /played time of 3days, 7hrs,  49 min.
This is Tiber’s first max level champion for Dragonflight. In Shadowlands, he did reach max level with five challenge toons. 
Why did you choose this challenge to play? Tiber says, “Mostly, I just like to always have at least one Pacifist I can pop in on, and run a couple daily quests on.”

What class/spec did you choose to go with, and were there any specific reasons for that choice? “After my first three Pacifist Challengers, I wanted to level up a non-stealth Pacifist. I chose Tauren because I knew I wanted the Paladin class.”

What path did you take to level, and were there specific reasons for those choices? Tiber says, “Peaceabull has lived a super-safe life. He’s still in his starting gear, minus his weapon. He leveled exclusively with cooking/fishing dailies, Darkmoon Faire quests, and holiday event quests.”

Tiber mentioned he had no close calls on Peaceabull.

Tiber has the following advice for others trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “My best advice for Pacifist players is to be REALLY patient.  Also, don’t use the flight-point toys, you’re going to want the discovery xp.”

What’s next for Tiber? Will he be taking a break, or moving on to another challenger? “I’m currently leveling two other Pacifists, I also have two Iron Men parked that I want to play more actively, and I’d really like to try another Working Man.”

Congratulations once again Tiber on Peaceabull becoming our 8th Pacifist Challenge Champion of Dragonflight, and best of luck with your Challenge adventures.

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