Congratulations to Progue, Our 24th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Progue on becoming our 24th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Progue’s Pacifist journey took 50 days, 4 hours, and 31 minutes with a /played time of 3 days and 8 hours.

Progue is Ironbrue’s 1st Pacifist champion and his 8th retail champion overall this expansion. Ironbrue also has an unverified Classic Iron champion, IronMahn.

This time Ironbrue decided to try the Pacifist Challenge for a change. “This was my fourth attempt at Pacifist – which I must admit I found a lot easier than Ironman (still got a few Ironmen on the way).”

Progue’s final form became a Human Rogue. “First off decided it had to be Rogue for Vanish – that would be the lifesaver. Also not a ranged class as an accidental click could easily start a fight or kill a critter. Started as Night Elf, did as much as I could in Teldrasil then went over the water and decided Night Elf was too awkward. Ditched it and went Human where I thought there was much more scope around Elwynn Forest and then around the Eastern Kingdoms.”

“What surprised me was just how much exp could be gleaned from gathering – I chose mining and herbing. Fishing and cooking also for the dailies in SW.”

Ironbrue chose the following leveling path for Progue: “Ran quite a few levels from L19 just circling Darrowmere Lake (Western Plaguelands) herbing (Liferoot and Stranglekelp) and mining (Iron and Gold)…there are no mobs to aggro….except a few easily avoided spiders (and a rare wolf) around the Witherings area to the north.”

“As soon as I could fly I made sure I had half a dozen goblin gliders – lifesavers (I dismounted high up in Shadowlands later – must have clicked something without realizing it – glider saved me). Easy done!”

“I ran my usual route around Uldum, Un’Goro, and Tanaris for chests (blue items for sale) and also did quite a few turns around Un’Goro for the arcane crystals from mining thorium – selling for 500 apiece sometimes. Sidenote: What has happened to AH grey item prices? They are through the roof for some reason – who else wants grey leather items? Got surprising few items from AH because of that.”

“When I could I headed off to Boralus where there were high exp chests in the surrounding areas along with exploring exp and plenty of mining/herbing.”

“Then to Shadowlands. Shadowlands world quests and also a lot of herbing/mining – for that I stuck to Bastion, doing a loop down in the south that seemed reasonably safe from aggroing mobs. At level 59 I was getting 1150 exp per herb/ore (2300 rested). Shadowlands herbs/ores sell well – I finished up with just short of 150k gold.”

Ironbrue has the following advice for others trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “Take care which world quests to pick…some can surprisingly give you kills. I lost a Pacifist at 53 there doing the quest to close portals in Bastion. Pulled aggro from the globs that spawn so I clicked out of the phased zone but got six kills and six killing blows despite never fighting anything. I also lost another Pacifist at 49…flying over Felsoul Hold in Suramar (just getting exploring exp)…something two-shot me – never saw what it was. Note to self – be more careful exploring!”

What’s next for Ironbrue? Will they be taking a break or hopping on to the next challenger? Ironbrue tells us it’s back to the Iron Man challenge for now. “Still got lock, shaman, and paladin to do (lock is 55, shaman and paladin are each 51) so well on the way!”

Good luck with those Irons Ironbrue and congratulations on Progue becoming our 24th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion!

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