Congratulations to Sappyboy, Our 6th Shadowlands Pacifist Champion!

Congratulations to Sappyboy on reaching max level and becoming our 6th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Sappyboy is Tiber’s first max level challenger, whose Pacifist journey clocked in at 440 days with a /played time of 4 days, 4 hours, 45 minutes, and 4 seconds! That’s a lot of 4s!

What made the Pacifist Challenge so appealing to Tiber? “I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of leveling without killing because it really goes against the structure of the game. Back before WoWChallenges became a thing, I tried leveling a character without training any weapon skills.”

Tiber chose the following leveling path for Sappyboy’s Pacifist journey: “I leveled almost completely with profession dailies and holiday quests. For a while, I leveled with Archaeology, until exp came back for over 50s in the daily, and holiday quests.”

We always hate to ask if there were any close calls while leveling. Things like disconnects and lag spikes can’t be predicted but it can be helpful for others to know of potential trouble spots. Tiber’s ISP seemed to be his biggest obstacle. “When my ISP was being a problem, I had some scary moments doing the underwater fishing quest in Teldarasil, but for the most part I stayed with a very safe leveling path on Sappyboy.”

Tiber has the following advice for those wanting to try out the Pacifist Challenge: “Speaking as someone with a mountain of failed challenge characters, I have to recommend being SUPER patient when leveling Pacifist characters. I have been close before but lost characters because of attractive risky XP, such as dousing enemy flames in the Fire Festival. Also with Pacifist challengers be very careful to scout unfamiliar quests to be sure they don’t give kills.”

What’s next for Tiber? Is it time to take a break or will he be jumping back in with another challenger? “I have more Pacifist, and Iron Man challengers that I’m continuing to level. Can’t stop now, all that sweet, sweet Brewfest XP is coming soon.”

Best of luck with your other challengers Tiber and once again congratulations on becoming our 6th Shadowlands Pacifist champion with Sappyboy!

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