Congratulations to Shortster, Our 24th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Shortster on reaching max level and becoming our 24th Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion!

I rolled the Alliance Shaman mostly to prove that just about any Alliance toon can make it to max level in Shadowlands. But I don’t recommend a Shaman, it was very difficult to level. The Shaman class has no decent crowd control, no way to escape combat other than running away, no stealth – it was rough. So had to play very conservatively relying on iron-friendly World Quests, explore XP, etc.

This shaman took 42 days to hit max level with a total played time of about 4 days and 6 hours.

If you want to get a new Iron to level 60, pick a toon that can escape combat if things go bad. Night Elves get ShadowMeld. Hunters get Feign Death, Rogues get Vanish. Having that escape can mean the difference between trying again or re-rolling a new toon. If you want to view a write-up about leveling a toon in Shadowlands, check out this forum post: Leveling Guide For An Alliance Toon in Shadowlands…

I have used this leveling path successfully for a number of Alliance classes, including Rogue, Druid, Priest, Mage, Hunter, and now a Shaman. Obviously, you will need to adjust your technique based on the abilities of your toon. Rogue and Druid have a distinct advantage with stealth. I also leveled a Horde Troll Rogue, with the difference being the starting zone.

Post your experience and progress on the WoW Challenges Discord, we want to hear from you! Discord: – Join our community!

What’s next? I’m taking a regular geared toon thru Shadowlands, see if I can acquire flying.

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