Congratulations to Sneakee, our 15th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Sneakee for reaching max level, making her the 15th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion. Sneakee is Tiber’s fourth max level Challenge champion, with her journey being 718 days, 8 hrs, 31 min, 24 sec, and a /played of 3 days, 18 hrs, 53 min.

Tiber says, “Previously, I’ve leveled four other max level Pacifists (Sappyboy, Lantanna, Peaceable and Cinq).  I’ve also leveled one Green Man (Celladon), and one Iron Man (Mendacity).  All of these were last expansion, Level 60’s. Sneakee is my fourth Level 70 challenger.”

What class/spec did Tiber choose to go with, and were there any specific reasons for that choice? “I made Sneakee a Rogue because the Rogue class offers a lot of advantages for Pacifist characters, in avoiding combat. I made Sneakee a Gnome mostly to mix things up, but the Gnome racial Escape Artist can also be helpful for Pacifists.”

What path did Tiber take to level Sneakee, and were there specific reasons for those choices? “Sneakee mostly kept to my ‘safe’ Pacifist path leveling from 60 to 70, with Cooking/Fishing dailies, Darkmoon Faire quests, and Holiday events. One new thing I tried between was doing the Dragon Racing events in Kalimdor. The Dragon Races didn’t give a lot of XP, but by doing all three events at the 16 race sites, I gained about a half level, between 68, and 70. Dragon Racing in Kalimdor is a lot safer than in Dragon Isles, because the mobs cap out at 30, and are much less dangerous, if you crash.”

Did Tiber have any close calls while leveling Sneakee? “No close calls for Sneakee. I leveled her along a slow, but fairly safe path..”

Do you have any advice you would give to someone else thinking of trying out the Pacifist challenge? “I hope anyone who is looking for a new challenge in WoW will give Pacifist a try. Leveling without killing radically changes the game, and makes you look at it in a whole new way.”

Is Tiber working on any other challengers, or does he plan on taking a break for a while? “I just used the latest Darkmoon Faire to help start a new Working Man, and a new Iron Man. I also have another Pacifist, and a Green Man leveling from 60, to 70.”

Congratulations once again to Tiber on Sneakee becoming our 15th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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