Congratulations to Sneakee, Our 19th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Sneakee on becoming our 19th Shadowlands Pacifist Challenge champion! Sneakee’s Pacifist journey took 241 days, 19 hours with a /played time of 3 days and 37 minutes to complete.

This is Tiber’s 3rd Pacifist Challenge champion this expansion. His others are Sappyboy and Lantanna.

Why did Tiber decide to level as a Pacifist challenger? “As I’ve said, I really enjoy the challenge presented by leveling as a Pacifist. Leveling without killing is simply not how WoW is intended to be played. I very much enjoy finding all the ways that experience can be gained, without killing.”

Sneakee was created as a Gnome Rogue. ” I wanted another level 60 Rogue Pacifist because as my first max level challenger, Sappyboy is retired. Lantanna and Sneakee will be my Pacifist challengers next expansion.

Tiber used the following leveling strategy for Sneakee: “Sneakee leveled mostly through cooking/fishing dailies, Darkmoon Faire quests, and holiday event quests.”

Did Tiber have any close calls while leveling Sneakee? “No, and this is why. I’ve lost a LOT of challenge characters over the years. Aside from losing the character, and all that progress, I really hate going from playing a character that’s well along their leveling journey, to suddenly starting out smack back at level one. To prevent that I usually have a back up challenger leveling behind my main. While my main is alive, and well, my back up only collects the lowest, of the low hanging, and safest XP fruit. So, until a short time ago Sneakee was backup to Lantanna, and only leveling through the easiest and safest quests.”

Tiber has the following advice for others trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “A trick that works for all challenges, except Blood Thirsty (sorry Blood Thirsty), is to buy Darkmoon Faire quest items on the AH and turn them in during the Faire for XP. But if you just go buy them just before you head to the Faire, you can strain your finances pretty quick. I like to check the AH prices all during the month between Faires, usually, I can find some good deals, and even pick up some extras to sell later when the price goes back up.”

What’s next for Tiber? Will he be taking a break or does he have another challenger waiting in the wings? “I’ve wanted to play a Working Man Challenger for a long time, so I have one of those now. I also have a fresh Ironman, and I’ve started a new Pacifist because… of course I did.”

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