Congratulations to Soulfist, Our 10th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Soulfist on becoming our 10th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty Challenge champion! Nisey says Soulfist’s time came in at 1,709 days, 8 hours, and 52 minutes. Her /played time was 12 days, 6 hours, and 13 minutes.

Soulfist is Nisey’s 7th Blood Thirsty Shadowlands Champion and her 8th max level challenger overall for Shadowlands.

Nisey primarily plays the Blood Thirsty Challenge because as she says “I’d rather pick the mob that might end my run than have a quest do it for me. Questing can stress me out a bit at times. I find this challenge a bit easier on my blood pressure.”

Nisey went with a Draenei Monk for Soulfist. Draenei because she has a “soft spot for the space goats and having an extra heal with Gift of the Naaru in a pinch is never a bad thing. She started out as Brewmaster and stayed with that for a while but when the stagger damage started to get a bit risky to deal with I swapped over to Mistweaver. I am also on a mission to get one of every class to max level as a Blood Thirsty Challenger. The Monk class has been a small thorn in my side with a couple of attempts that ended unsuccessfully.”

When Nisey was asked about Soulfist’s leveling path and choices made she said “Oh gosh, this character was created during the Legion expansion. She spent a bit of time benched due to real life. As best as I can recall Soulfist started out following the leveling path I had worked out for myself at that time. She’s Alliance so she would have spent some time in Loch Modan, then moved on to Wetlands, Arathi, Hillsbrad, Hinterlands, Western Plague, Ferralas, Boren Tundra, Dragonblight, Ice Crown, and I believe she was in Jade Forest when the pre-Shadowlands launch leveling squish occurred.”

“After the leveling squish, it was a bit overwhelming and a bit nerve-wracking attempting to find my footing. In the end, I decided to go ahead and put myself in Tiragarde Sound and just stayed there till level 50. At 50 I utilized The Maw skip, picked the storyline option offered by the Threads of Fate quest, and headed into Bastion. That’s where I stayed moving around the zone as needed grinding away till I reached level 60.”

Nisey’s advice for playing Blood Thirsty Challenge is “Well, expect to have a few false starts when you are first starting out with any sort of challenge play. Playing these challenges one needs to learn a new way to play. It can take some time to develop a ‘challenger mindset’. Go at a much slower pace than you would with a normal character. One mob pulls are best because you are not as powerful as someone else decked out in blues and purples with talent points. Scout out any areas or mobs you are not familiar with as the damage mobs do can ratchet up or change depending on level/location. If you are still unsure pick the brains of your fellow challengers but remember one person’s path may not work for you but you could use their info to tailor a path that will. Lastly large name plates turned on can keep you from face pulling a mob hiding in the tall grass.”

Nisey is on a mission to get one of every class to max as a Blood Thirsty challenger and currently has 5 classes remaining.

Congratulations again Nisey on becoming our 10th Shadowlands Blood Thirsty Champion with Soulfist and best of luck on your Shadowlands Challenge leveling.

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