Congratulations to Stereotyped, our 36th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Stereotyped for reaching max level on a Human Rogue, making her the 36th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge champion. Stereotyped’s journey was 122 days, 15 hrs, 19 min, 11 sec.

This is Stereotyped’s story…

“This is Daisy’s 1st max level champion, and the very first kitten to get an Iron Man in the Dragon Isle expansion. A total of 4 days of play time, Stereotyped started out as a contest toon back in August, then Ster took a break from WoW. Ster’s kitten Daisy, an 8-month old Calico Short-haired cat decided she would continue the Iron Man journey. 


Daisy has from the early days of rescue enjoyed all things WoW, and has been intrigued by the challenge. Here, you can see her intently watching Leeta and KhrysW during the 8th Anniversary podcast back in August.



Over the following months, Daisy learned to mouse (easy for a cat!), and keyboard. Learning to Dragonride was easy peasy and when asked, “Why is it easy?”, she said, “Flying on a dragon is just like tearing through the house when I get the zoomies… Not dying was pretty much a breeze, after all, us kittens get 9 lives to start.” At one point, Ferre said ‘Hi’ in guild chat, and Daisy replied ‘Meow’ – which, according to Ferre, is the non-sensical kind of reply Ster often gives, so no suspicions were raised. Xaya made small talk in guild chat, asking if the cold weather had hit Michigan yet? To which Daisy replied, “Naw, besides, I have a warm coat.”

Most dangerous moment leveling for Daisy? She got ganked by the Sewer Beast in Stormwind, and while fighting that off, her real-life sister June attacked her, as cats are known to do. Daisy smacked back, hissed, and got to the keyboard in time to vanish.



Stereotyped’s leveling path followed the same as other champions: Loot chests in BfA until level 64, do all Bonus XP quests in Shadowlands, and then do all the Dragon Races in Dragon Isles. This will get you to Level 66-67 easily. Then she chased the paci-safe quests in Dragon Isles. Wait, pacisafe quests? Yes, if the quest is safe for a pacifist, it is purrfically safe for all other challenge types, like Iron Man. In addition, the Greench was easy points during the Feast of Winter Veil, after all, not even a ‘you’re a mean one’ Mister Greench will attack a cute kitten.


Now is a a great time to level a challenger, after all, if a kitten can reach max level, so can you… <coughing noise that sounds a lot like a muffled Asy>. Don’t be surprised if the Guild Message of the Day is set to ‘Cats Rule, Dogs Drool…’
Happy Holidays All!”

Congratulations once again to Ster… I mean Daisy… on Stereotyped becoming our 36th Dragonflight Iron Man champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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