Congratulations to Tesli, our 7th Dragonflight Working Man Challenge champion!

Congratulations to Tesli for reaching max level, making her the 7th Dragonflight Working Man Challenge champion. Tesli’s journey was 33 days, 9 hrs, 39 min, 44 sec, with a /played of 1 day and 21 hours.   
This is Tesli’s story…

First, thank you for the opportunity to do this challenge and all the hard work all the mods put into it.

There are a few R.I.P. characters that were attempted a handful of years ago. This is the first to make it to max level.

Tesli was created December 29, 2023.

Picked up Herbalism/Mining/Cooking/Fishing and Archeology. She quested/gathered around the Alliance starting zones in Eastern Kingdoms until Level 30 something, and has done daily cooking/fishing quests on most days.

In her 30’s, Tesli gathered in Pandaria and then switched to the BFA zones until Level 60 when she headed to The Dragon Isles. She did non-combat quests/world quests and enjoyed gathering on a regular flying mount. Same level mobs were very tough to kill so Archeology in the Eastern Kingdoms filled in the time between world quest resets. Being able to do dragon-riding made it a breeze to get back and forth between dig sites.

There were two close calls. The first in Loch Modan – Foreman Sharpsneer who does a fire AOE. Tesli had to feign death after her pet died, and waited out the CD on FD, then tackled him again with success, making sure to pull her pet away when the AOE was dropped.

The second close call was an ‘I just soiled myself’ moment when Tesli picked a windswept herb from the top of a pillar in The Waking Shores and was thrown against the side of a cliff.

She hit Aspect of the Turtle and slid halfway down with 50% or less health to a small crevice where she was able to run in place – not able to actually stand but could apply exhilaration. She then used stone form and let herself slide further until she touched solid rock.

Altogether it was loads of fun. Success came from being patient and avoiding risk.”

Congratulations once again to Tesli on becoming our 7th Dragonflight Working Man Champion, and best of luck with your future challenge adventures.

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