Congratulations to Twothirsty, Our 1st Dragonflight Iron & Blood Thirsty Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Twothirsty on becoming our 1st Dragonflight Iron Man and Blood Thirsty Challenge champion! This was the last challenger that was allowed to double list before a rule change went into effect restricting 1 challenger to 1 challenge. Twothirsty’s challenge journey has taken 2,535 days, 8 hours, and 40 minutes with a /played time of 21 days and 39 minutes. This challenger reached champion status for Shadowlands so 2Shankz has estimated his 60-70 run to take approximately 2 days, 13 hours, and 5 minutes.

Twothirsty is 2Shankz’s 1st challenge toon to reach max this expansion. “This is the fourth expansion I’ve been able to reach max on it.”

2Shankz chose to go with the Iron Man/Blood Thirsty combo listing at the time because “When I first started this challenge in WoD, the highest level was around 70ish and it sounded the most challenging to me.”

Twothirsty was created as a Night Elf Beast Mastery Hunter. “I chose Night Elf for Shadowmeld. I chose Hunter because back in WoD I thought it was the only class capable of completing the challenge. I chose Beast Mastery because it’s the spec I know best.”

2Shankz used the following leveling strategy for Twothirsty: “When I look for an area to level, I prefer areas that only have neutral mobs. My primary reason for this is because it eliminates the dangers of respawns and patrols. Ideally, this area won’t have quest mobs.”

“From 60-63, I leveled near Wingrest Embassy in The Waking Shores. From 63-66, I leveled near Forkriver Crossing in Ohn’ahran Plains. From 66-67, I leveled near Camp Nowhere in Azure Span. I was planning on leveling here until 70, but Azure Span was really laggy and after a close call I decided to leave. From 67-70, I went back to my previous location in Ohn’ahran Plains. The mobs were only level 65 so it was a little slower but much safer.”

Did 2Shankz have any close calls while leveling Twothirsty? “I had one close call at 67 in Azure Span. The mob I was killing would do a charge if its target was too far away. My pet didn’t grab aggro right away so it charged at me. The charge double hit and took me down to about 15%.”

2Shankz has the following advice for others: “Don’t rush to max and play when you’re tired. It’s easy to make silly mistakes and lose all the time you’ve put in.”

What’s next for 2Shankz? Will they be taking a break or moving on to the next challenger? “For now, I’ll be taking a break.”

Good luck with your future challenge characters and congratulations once again on Twothirsty becoming our 1st Dragonflight Iron Man & Blood Thirsty champion!

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