Congratulations to Twothirsty, Our 1st Shadowlands Blood Thirsty & 2nd Iron Champion!

Congratulations to Twothirsty on becoming our first Shadowlands Blood Thirsty champion and our second Shadowlands Iron champion. Twothirsty was the last character that was allowed to be listed on multiple challenges before a change in the rules removed that option.

Twothirsty is 2Shankz’s first challenger to reach max level. 2Shankz has previously reached max level with Twothirsty in two other expansions bringing the overall /played time for this character to 18 days, 11 hours, and 34 minutes. Their /played time for Shadowlands (levels 50 – 60) comes in at approximately 3 days and 1 hour.

Why did 2Shankz choose to go with a Blood Thirsty/Iron combo? “At the time the highest level was 70ish and it sounded the most challenging to me.”

2Shankz’s leveling path through the Shadowlands zones was as follows: “From 51-55, I leveled killing the level 51 yellow beasts around Aspirant’s Rest. Some of these mobs are part of the first quests of Bastion so it could be busy at times. From 55-58, I leveled killing the level 53 yellow goat mobs behind Aspirant’s Rest. At level 58, level 53 mobs become grey and no longer give XP. The only thing left in Bastion to kill were level 60 mobs. The first thing I tried to kill were the turtles in Sagehaven. These mobs were similar difficulty to the mobs in BFA where I had to use defensive cds and regularly rez my pet. The next area I tried was South of Sagehaven with moths and turtles. The moths were significantly easier to kill, but there weren’t very many of them. I would rotate between killing a turtle using my cds and killing a moth waiting for my cds to reset. I did this for about 15% of 58 until I decided to look for something more efficient to kill. I did this by searching on Wowhead. On Wowhead, you can actually search all NPC’s in a zone by type, react, and level. I found some moths east of Sagehaven that had more hp than most mobs, but they were much easier to kill and gave more XP. I leveled the rest of the way to 60 killing these mobs.”

While leveling through Shadowlands 2Shankz lucked out and did not have any close calls but a few missteps were had. “I didn’t really have any close calls in Shadowlands. I did accidentally dismiss my pet a couple of times at 59. I leveled from 58.2-60 without sleeping in between so after 18 hours or so I made some silly mistakes.”

2Shankz has the following advice for others thinking of trying out the Blood Thirsty Challenge: “Don’t play when you’re tired. It’s easy to make silly mistakes and lose all the time you’ve put in. Besides that, I think Shadowlands is a good time to try something new in the challenge since leveling is a lot faster. Leveling a new Blood Thirsty is a lot less grindy than it used to be.”

What’s next for 2Shankz? Will he be taking a break or jumping right back into the thick of it with another challenger? “For now, I’ll be taking a break. I think I’ll start leveling a new Blood Thirsty. I also have some interest in trying Iron Man without specs.”

Enjoy your break and catch up on your sleep! We look forward to seeing you back leveling challengers soon. Congratulations once again 2Shankz on becoming our first Shadowlands Blood Thirsty and second Shadowlands Iron champion with Twothirsty!

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