Congratulations to Workster, Our 2nd Dragonflight Working Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Workster for reaching max level, making her our 2nd Dragonflight Working Man Challenge champion! Workster started playing this expansion just over 4 weeks ago with a /played time of 1 day and 12 hours. This is Ster’s second max level champion in Dragonflight.

When asked to describe this Night Elf rogue, Ster said “Workster who reached level 60 in Shadowlands became a little bit of a filler toon to work on when not leveling my main Iron toons. At the end of the day, I’d take this Outlaw spec’ed Workster out to do some Archaeology and treasure hunting.”

“So what some players might not realize is that both a Pacifist and Working Man challenger can get to max level 70 by just doing Archeology, exploring, and looting treasure chests.”

“In the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, archi still pays good XP. But don’t be fooled, this is no easy task for a pacifist who must be extra careful to not kill a low-level NPC or critter, which are constantly in the way. But for the Working Man challenger who can both kill and do professions, this is much easier. Some players don’t like to level this way, which is understandable – but I found it a nice relaxing way to advance a toon without the stress of running an Iron Man thru the unknowns of Dragonflight zones.”

“I did learn a neat aspect about Darkmoon Faire this time around from the pro-player Ferre. I’d take my toon to DMF, do the profession quests (cooking/mine/herb/fish) and I’d walk away with about 15% of a level. Nice bonus. Ferre pointed out that you can easily get 1/2 a level if you turn in the DMF Artifact quests. These quests can be bought on the AH and turned in for some major XP. A really good article explaining it is here. Breaking News: these quests work on non-profession challengers as well, an easy way to get XP for any challenger. Note that these quest items are cheaper when DMF is not currently going on.”

“What’s next? Oh, still working on the main Irons Elfster and Catster, both currently at levels 67 & 66. The challenge with the Dragonflight expansion at this stage is learning which quests are Iron-safe and which areas to avoid. So it’s a slow leveling process.”

Congratulations once again on Workster becoming our 2nd Working Man champion of Dragonflight and good luck with your other challengers Ster!

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