Congratulations to Xayapelli, Our 4th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Xayapelli on becoming our 4th Dragonflight Pacifist Challenge champion! Xayapelli’s Pacifist journey took 293 days, 11 hours, and 6 minutes. This character reached max during Shadowlands so Xaya has estimated Xayapelli’s level 60 to 70 journey to be 19 hours.

Xaya is one of our challenge veterans having had at least one challenge champion for every expansion except Legion. Xayapelli is his first champion of Dragonflight so far.

Why did Xaya choose the Pacifist Challenge for Xayapelli? “I started this toon in Shadowlands as a ‘no stealth’ Pacifist (Human Mage). When I lost my Pacifist Rogue at the start of Dragonflight, I decided to continue this Pacifist.”

Xayapelli was created as a Human Frost Mage. Since Xaya wanted to try a “no stealth” Pacifist he chose Human for the race since they do not have Shadowmeld as an option and while Mages do get Invisibility it’s not a skill that you can use like a Rogue’s stealth skill.

Xaya used the following leveling strategy for Xayapelli: “It was my first Pacifist in Dragonflight. I had already completed the campaign on a regular toon, so I could do all Paci safe quests and World quests (after scouting them on another toon, all I found are posted on the forums). I also did the Fishing/Cooking dailies in Azeroth, and some world quests in Shadowlands.”

Did Xaya have any close calls while leveling? “At one point while on a high ledge in Waking shore, I moved before I got on my dragon so began to fall. Being a mage I used slow fall (but I still carried gliders).

Xaya has the following advice for others trying out the Pacifist Challenge: “Be careful of aggro range, especially if you have no stealth. And also of other players that might come so you don’t get proximity kills.”

What’s next for Xaya? Will he be taking a break or moving on to another challenger? “I have many other Shadowlands champions I have to make also Dragonflight champions, and I’ve started another Pacifist, a Green Man, and a Working Man.”

Good luck with your other challengers Xaya and congratulations once again on Xayapelli becoming our 4th Pacifist champion of Dragonflight.

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