Congratulations to Xayaraylea, Our 21st Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Xayaraylea on becoming our 21st Shadowlands Iron Man Challenge champion! Xayaraylea’s Iron Man journey took just over 21 days to complete with a /played time of 2 days, 7 hours, and 18 minutes.

Xayaraylea is Xaya’s 6th Iron champion for Shadowlands. His previous max-level Irons include Xayasky, Xayarwinna, Xayatheria, Xayaztra, and Xayarylin. He has also gotten a Pacifist, Xayaparo, and Tin, Xayarally, to level 60 as well.

When we asked Xaya why he chose to go with the Iron Man Challenge again this time out he said “Since I already have many Iron champions and that my regular main is a Rogue, it felt natural to try the challenge with that class.”

Xaya took the following leveling path with Xayaraylea: “I used Chromie Time to 50, but since Iron Rogues have a hard time killing mobs at 30 I started to avoid combat as much as possible. At 50 I used BfA chests to get to 52 before going through the Maw. For Shadowlands, I carefully scouted which quests, bonus objectives, and world quests were doable because most mobs can’t be killed by a rogue without a flashing screen. I combined that with Legion and BfA chest, plus some exploring.”

Did Xaya have any close calls while leveling Xayaraylea? “I didn’t take note of any specific close call, but I used Vanish and Shadowmeld more than just a few times.”

Xaya has the following advice for those who want to try out the Iron Man Challenge: “Scouting is the key. Especially at high levels, many mobs just cannot be killed. Find out what you can kill and what will kill you.”

What’s next for Xaya? Is it time for a break or is he jumping back in on another challenger? “I still don’t have a champion for the following classes: Druid, Shaman, and Mage. I’ll eventually come to it but now I’ll concentrate on some regular toons that I wanna get to 60.”

Have fun working on your regulars for a bit and once again congratulations on becoming our 21st Shadowlands Iron champion with Xayaraylea!

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