Congratulations to Xayavandra, our 6th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Xayavandra on becoming our 6th Dragonflight Iron Man Challenge Champion! Xayavandra’s Iron Man journey took 494 days, 17 hrs, 25 min, 12 sec. This character has previously reached Champion status during Shadowlands and Xaya has estimated Xayavandra’s Dragonflight journey to take approximately 23 hours.

Xayavandra is Xaya’s 2nd Ironman Champion, and his 4th overall for Dragonflight. Xaya says, “It is my second Dragonflight Champion. I also have two Pacifist Dragonflight Champions, 14 Shadowlands Champions (most Irons but at least one of every challenge), and also from other expansions. I had one champion of every class in Shadowlands. I’m trying to get them all to 70. It was the next in line.”

Xayavandra was created as a Draenei Elemental Shaman. “I am not an expert on Shamans, and went Elemental because others told me it was better.”

Xaya says, “Since the toon was already 60, I started in Dragon Isle. I picked the pacisafe quest list and did those I could, plus a few others that required kills. With the Earth Elemental, I could kill one or two mobs, so with a cooldown of five minutes some quests took some time. In the end, I also did some world quests in Shadowlands that gave bonus xp, mobs could barely hit me in Shadowlands.”

Did Xaya have any close calls while leveling Xayavandra? “I had a close call when I flew over a ‘no flight’ zone and lost my mount. I didn’t even had time to use a glider, and ended up losing half my health points.”

What’s next for Xaya? Will he be taking a break, or moving on to another challenger? “I plan to get a Champion on every class, and I’m working on a Greenman, Working Man and Bloodthirsty.”

Good luck with your other challengers Xaya, and congratulations on Xayavandra becoming our 6th Dragonflight Iron Man Champion!

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