Congratulations to Xayawegia, Our 3rd Shadowlands Working Man Challenge Champion!

Congratulations to Xayawegia on becoming our 3rd Shadowlands Working Man Challenge champion! Xayawegia’s Working Man journey took 41 days, 4 hours with a /played time of 1 day, 14 hours, and 55 minutes to complete.

Xaya has been very busy during this expansion. So far he’s accumulated 10 Iron champions, a Pacifist champion,  a Blood Thirsty champion, a Green Man champion, and a Tin Man champion. Xayawegia’s Working Man champion status brings his total number of Shadowlands champions to 15.

Xaya chose to go with the Working Man Challenge this time because it was the only challenge remaining that he didn’t have a champion for.

A Draenei Beast Master Hunter was chosen as Xayawegia’s race/class/spec combo. Xaya went with this as it’s a class/spec he knows pretty well.

The following level strategy was chosen for Xayawegia’s Working Man journey: “Just to do differently, I decided to not use Chromie time at all. Being a Draenei, I did many quests in Azuremyst Isle and Bloomyst Isle, then headed to Elwynn forest, a bit of Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood. I mostly quested while picking herbs and nodes along the way. Thread of Fates is almost mandatory on challenge toons, so I choose it and did some quests, bonus objectives, and world quests in SL.”

Did Xaya have any close calls while leveling his Working Man challenger? “Going to Scholazar at 20 will allow a hunter to learn ‘Play dead’ for the pet. I have a macro that cast ‘Feign Death’ and ‘Play Dead’ at the same time, that macro came in handy a bit more than a few times (since I am more aggressive on BM hunters).”

Xaya has the following advice for others trying out the Working Man Challenge: “Always the same advice: if you get to a point where you’re not sure what to do for a quest or how the fight might go, scout it!”

What’s next for Xaya? Will he be taking a break or starting another challenger leveling project? “I have started a no stealth Pacifist, a Human Mage.”

Good luck with your Pacifist Mage Xaya and congrats once again on Xayawegia becoming our 3rd Shadowlands Working Man Challenge champion!

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