Congratulations to Xayaztra and Xayarylin, Our 18th and 19th Shadowlands Iron Champions!

Congratulations to Xayaztra and Xayarylin on becoming our 18th and 19th Shadowlands Iron champions!

Xayaztra’s Iron journey took just under 31 days to complete with a /played time of 2 days, 6 hours, and 37 minutes. Xayaztra is Xaya’s 4th Iron champion this expansion.

This time around Xaya changed things up opting to make Xayaztra a Troll Warlock. “No Shadowmeld definitely changes lots of things. I tried Destro and turned out it goes well for challenges. Lost at least 2 before finally getting to 60.”

Xaya chose the following leveling path for Xayaztra: “I mostly used Chromie Time and stayed in Azeroth most of the time to 50, with some dailies in Pandaria. After getting flight I also did chests in MoP and WoD, plus exploring most of the zones. Going through the maw was not as hard as I expected, after that, I chose ‘Threads of Fate’ and Necrolords as my covenant because of their special ability. I switch from one zone to the other doing world quests, while also relatively safe quests and some bonus objectives.”

Were there any close calls while leveling Xayaztra? “I carefully scouted the various types of mobs and various world quests and bonus objectives. However, got a close call when Blizzard changed the way ‘Gormaggeddon’ ends” 

Xaya also reached max level with his Orc Hunter, Xayarylin, whose journey took just over 27 days to complete with a /played time of  1 day, 20 hours, and 44 minutes. Xayarylin is Xaya’s 5th Iron champion for Shadowlands.

Xaya went with the Hunter class for Xayarylin for the sake of his own personal tradition. “My first champion for other expansions had always been hunters, but had none yet for Shadowlands, so had to correct that.”

Leveling paths can vary from class to class. My own personal mantra is not every quest is for every class when dealing with challengers. Xaya seems to feel this way to a degree as well based on the leveling path he chose for Xayarylin. “While I used Chromie Time, since a hunter is a lot more powerful than other classes I did many quests in Cata, Pandaria, Legion, and BfA, which I completely skipped on my other champions. I used BfA chests to get to 52 before going thru the Maw. For Shadowlands, I did all I could in Revendreth, then Bastion, then Ardenweald, and finished in Maldraxxus.”

Did Xaya have any close calls while leveling Xayarylin? “While Feign Death is very useful to get out of combat, I still managed to be in trouble because of bad respawn twice, one doing ‘Dirty Job: Wood work’ and another time doing ‘Avoid it like the Plague’

Xaya has the following advice for those attempting the Iron Man Challenge: “Scouting is the key. Especially at high levels, many mobs just cannot be killed. Find out what you can kill and what will kill you.”

What’s next for Xaya? Is he jumping back in on another challenger or will he be taking a break for a bit? “I still don’t have a champion for the following classes: Druid, Shaman, Rogue, and Mage. I’ll eventually come to it but now I’ll concentrate on Shadowlands flying.”

Congrats once again on Xayaztra and Xayarylin becoming our 18th and 19th Shadowlands Iron champions! Have fun while on your adventure to acquire Shadowlands flying Xaya, we’ll be here when you return! 

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