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CAWRedLogo400smOn Friday night, Aprillian & crew graciously hosted me on their podcast, all the while we played the Blood Thirsty challenge. This was my first attempt at the Blood Thirsty challenge and I found myself running from some over-powered mobs quite often.  We talked all about the Iron Man challenge and the WoW Challenges site, basically what went into it… it’s history from wowironman.com, the veterans that kept things going and where we are now.

I was super nervous going in there as this was only my second podcast (see The Blue Recluse for my first one) and this show featured Rogueslayer, a veteran Iron Man challenger and Leeta, a newcomer to the challenge. The nervousness quickly went away as they all made me feel very comfortable…  one of the reasons I like listening to the show.

I guess all of my yapping led to two things:
1 – a record long episode of Ctrl Alt WoW
2 – my guild wiping on Heroic Gruul while they were waiting for me to finish up…

SORRY for that…  well… sort of…  I really enjoyed my time there and want to thank Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer, Vrishna, Marzana and Jeppy for letting me come on the show and being so supportive of the WoWChallenges site. I would do it again at a moment’s notice!

You can listen to Episode 424 now and see all the show notes here: http://ctrlaltwow.blogspot.ca/2015/06/ctrl-alt-wow-episode-424-we-dont-need.html

You can find Ctrl Alt WoW on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CtrlAltWoW) and Twitter (@CtrlAltWoW). You can also follow the hosts and co-hosts on twitter here… they’re good people!

Aprillian: @Aprillian
Leeta: @Leetawow
RogueSlayer: @RogueSlayer1
Marzana: @PatchworkGirl_g
Jeppy: @eljeppy
Vrishna: @Vrishna

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