Hallow’s End 2017

jackHallow’s End is upon us and I’ve written up a quick list of do’s and don’t’s to help guide you through the event. Hallow’s End runs from October 18 through November 1. Here’s Wowhead’s guide: https://www.wowhead.com/news=274251/hallows-end-2017-holiday-updates-and-guide

Blood Thirsty Warning: Generally events don’t apply to Bloods, Hallow’s End is no exception. Completing quests will count against you.

Candy Buckets – This is a great time to pick up some relatively easy XP. You can get free experience by going to inns all across the World of Warcraft and looting the candy buckets. A list of all candy buckets can be found here: https://www.wowhead.com/hallows-end-guide#candy-bucket-locations-and-maps

Candy in General – The candy themselves are probably not a good idea to you. The Tricky Treat candy, for example, gives your character a 4% bonus to your speed. Yes, you’ve earned that item on your character but it is giving you a buff…  it’s the same way as buying buff food… you’ve earned the gold for it yes, but the buff itself is not allowed. The Hallow’s End Candy also does give benefits that are not allowed for your challenger.

Apple Bobbing – Apples from the bucket are okay. They return 75% of your health over 25 seconds while eating, however, do not give any buffs. Please keep in mind these can only be used during the Hallow’s End event… after November 1, these items will disappear from your bags.

The Wicker Man – It is okay to do the Wicker Man quest only. In the process of doing the quest you will receive a buff that gives you a bonus to experience and reputation. The buff itself is NOT ALLOWED. Please right-click it off before turning in any other quests. This is similar to the Midsummer Fire Festival buff that was also not allowed.

Tricky Treats – You are allowed to collect the Tricky Treats and use them to buy pets, mounts and rewards, however, please keep in mind that any items purchased are still subject to the Challenge Rules. You can buy a battle pet no problem… you just can’t use it on that Challenge Character.

There are new items you can buy with your tricky treats in 2017:

Headless Horseman Defeated in Town – In Brill, Goldshire or wherever, you will be able to douse the fires of the headless horseman and defeat him. You are allowed to loot the pumpkin. However, you will receive a buff called “Victory!” that can’t be removed unless you’re out of the town. When it’s time to leave the town, simply right-click the buff off and you’ll be good to go. Fire Warning: the fire WILL kill your challenger. Take care when the Horseman is around.

Headless Horseman Dungeon – You are not allowed to queue for the Headless Horseman dungeon as this is against the rules of all challenges.

Hallowed Helm (Gear Exception)– This piece of gear is equipped on your head. Normally this would red-flag you since it’s a blue item, however, I’ve made an exception in the code to allow this gear since it provides no boosts or bonuses… it’s purely cosmetic.

Gear Warning: Hallow’s End Armor is now GREEN and will flag you!

All Other Quests – All other quests should be allowed. I don’t see anything in particular that would not be allowed.

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