This week's State of the Challengers list has been reset as of Monday evening.
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Challenge Guilds

US (North America / Oceanic)

  • Wowironman – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – you can /join iron to join the iron man chat channel. Do a /who wowironman to message a member for an invite.
  • Bored Gamers Network – Moonrunner/Gnomeregan – /who Bored Gamers Network & ask anyone for an invite (or reach out to Nisey#4863 on Discord).
  • Stonefield and Maclure – Blackwater Raiders/Shadow Countil – /msg Mineva, Nickrunner, Leahcarol and Merryweather or head to Stonefield and Maclure on Facebook. When you message them, let them know you’re a challenger.
  • WoW Challenges > – Dath’Remar – PvE – msg an officer to apply: SwiftThorn, Leetar, Ashmortal, BloodyClaw, BloodyMata
  • Deaths Dark Raiders – Feathermoon – RP – whisper any guild member for invite or contact rasta#1176 on
  • Iron Man Challenge – Scarlet Crusade / Feathermoon – RP – message Ironladycat, Ginjrbredmon, Blueironmon-Feathermoon, Jujubeans, Huntnironman, Thrashalot
  • The Benefactors – Moon Guard – RP – Anyone can invite, however, Smaragd is likely online the most.
  • Horde Ironman – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – Contact FiveIron in game or do a /who Horde Ironman for an invite.
  • Iron Horde Challengers – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – New, Iron friendly. Contact Duda in game for an invite.
  • Wow Ironman – Wyrmrest Accord – RP – Do a /who Wow Ironman to message a member for an invite.

EU Region

  • WoW Challenges – Darkmoon Faire (connected with Earthen Ring-eu) – Contact Awesome Trousers to join: Blizzard: Bilael#2942, WoW: AwsmFounder, Twitter, Discord: AwesomeTrousers#7046.
  • Challenger of the Iron – Chamber of Aspects
  • Ironman Challenge – Earthen Ring – you can /join ironman to join the iron man chat channel. Do a /who Ironman Challenge to message a member for an invite.
  • Untuned Heroes – Argent Dawn – /who Untuned Heroes or contact Gaztin#0001 or Cattleaxe#3563 on Discord for an invite.
  • The Ironman Challenge – Chamber of Aspects – you can do a /who The Ironman Challenge and message a member for an invite.
  • Shuffle n Deal – Earthen Ring – Contact Greenblood or Oakappl in game.
  • Ironman Challenge – Ragnaros – msg Tejbegriz in game for an invite.
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