Making an Exception for an Unexpected Feature

blueswordsLegion is now available in both EU and US regions. We knew we were going to be getting quite a few changes: default specs, glyph removal being the larger two right now (artifacts come in August 30).

So What Happened?
We did get a feature that no one was expecting. It seems some classes were given blue weapons in the mail. That’s not really a problem; they’re not equipped… no big deal. Some classes logged in to find those weapons EQUIPPED automatically. No mail. No clicking. Just log in and see new Rare weapons equipped. As all challengers know this is certainly a flaggable offense.

Whether you had a weapon equipped on logout before the patch did not matter. I’ve personally had two warriors receive weapons: both had nothing equipped prior to the patch. On log in, one had the weapons equipped, the other had the weapons in the mail.

What we do know is that this has affected certain classes where there was a weapon change.

Monks – default spec is Windwalker, so two swords were sent.
Death Knight – default spec is Unholy, however, Frost is now dual-wield, so DKs were sent two one-handed weapons.
Warrior – default spec WAS Arms, however, it seems now Fury is the spec of choice… so two two-handed weapons were sent.
Hunter – default spec should be Beast Mastery, however, since Survival is melee, a pole-arm was sent.

Hunters were also presented with a surprise. Their beloved Brunnhildar Bow has been changed from a white quality item to green quality, making it no longer allowed for challengers. The worst part is that on logging in, characters will have their stats and gear adjusted which will cause them to be flagged.

What We Are Going To Do
Very shortly, I’m going to be running a job that will inspect all listed characters. I don’t want to get into the specifics but at the end of the day, we’ll be making exceptions for any character that was listed so your characters *should not* be flagged because of these unexpected features.

After the Job is Done
The job is going to take a few hours and I will need some time to ensure character data is still valid. There might be some folks still getting flagged… if this is you, please let me know but overall I think the job / exceptions should cover everything.

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