May 24 Hotfixes

wow_icon_by_officer_luficerThank you to Cinder_Tweets from the Battletagged and Reins of Azeroth podcasts for sending me this article from So let’s go over the hotfixes and see how they apply to us.

Note from the developers:
Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve rolled out a series of hotfixes aimed at improving overall pacing and playability of the low-level (1-20) experience. We started by adding a number of modern conveniences to our low-level quest experience, and will continue to roll these improvements forward across other legacy content in the future. We’ve also made some improvements to the overall pace of combat at low levels: Due to the accumulated effect of years’ worth of max-level tuning adjustments, many classes were killing low-level enemies nearly instantaneously, even without heirloom gear or other advantages. A summary of the hotfixes follows:

This is part of the stuff that WatcherDev was referencing in his live chat the other week on twitch.

Most quest bosses from level 1-20 should now be multitap and will scale their health with the numbers of players fighting them.

This will make things easier for Challengers to level up.

Added dynamic respawn behavior to most level 1-20 outdoor areas, so that spawns will be more readily available during times of high player traffic.

This is going to actually increase the speed at which quests can be completed… quite often we wait around in Loch Modan for those dang Troggs to respawn.

Players who die in low-level dungeons should now release to the entrance of the dungeon, consistent with the practice in dungeons from more recent expansions.

Does not affect us.

Level 1-10 enemy NPCs now deal slightly more damage.

*slightly more damage*. Probably not enough to make it noticeable but Challengers should pay heed just in case.

Reduced the bonus to out-of-combat health regeneration that players receive when below level 20.

I think this will slightly decrease the pace of questing at this level and/or force folks towards food, drink, healing instead of just waiting for health to regen on its own.

Reduced player damage at low levels to improve overall combat pacing. In general, Strength and Agility classes saw a larger reduction in damage than did casters. Damage dealt is unchanged from level 40 onwards.

 So Warriors, Paladins, Cat-Form Druids, Hunters, Monks and Rogues will feel this more. Poor Warriors. Nerfed again. I welcome a change like this especially with the default specs being introduced in Legion.

We see these changes as the beginning, rather than an endpoint – much work remains to improve tuning and pacing of the old-world level-up experience, and our efforts will continue into Legion and beyond.

 I really am hoping that mob-scaling will be introduced in the old-world. I have a feeling that if things work out successfully with the Legion zones, they’ll roll it out elsewhere fairly quickly.

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