Midsummer Fire Festival 2018 (June 21st – July 5th)

Things are heating up in Azeroth with summer’s arrival. What better way to celebrate than with the Midsummer Fire Festival. This year the event runs from June 21st through July 5th. This year’s update does not apply to us since it was an increase to the ilvl¬†of the Frostscythe and capes that drop from Ahune, The Frost Lord.

You can find all the information you need on the event overall here at this Wowhead guide: http://www.wowhead.com/midsummer-fire-festival-guide

Festival Bonfires & Daily Quests
Greens: ALLOWED.
Pacifists: From what we can tell, dousing the flame will not count as a kill this year.
Blood Thirsty: You would be better off sitting this one out as this is a quest-heavy event.

Desecrating Fires: This will PvP flag you, so use caution if you attempt to put out any fires. For those challengers that can fly, Ster has a helpful tip: “Get close to a bonfire. Click on it to bring up the quest box. Mount up on a flying mount and rise up in the air a few feet. Click Okay to complete the quest, it will not dismount you but you will become PvP flagged. Hit your¬†space bar(or whichever key you use to gain height on your flying mounts) almost instantly after clicking Okay to raise you up into the air, reducing the chances of being attacked. If you don’t have flying, it’s much riskier.”

Ribbon Pole: The XP buff you get from doing the ribbon pole dance is NOT ALLOWED!

Fire Festival Fury: When a Burning Blossom is thrown into a festival fire, all surrounding players will gain the Fire Festival Fury buff. This can be right-clicked to remove it and is NOT ALLOWED!

Bonfire’s Blessing: Typically this would not be allowed, however, you are unable to right-click/remove the buff so there is not much that can be done. Basically don’t go out there intentionally reigniting the bonfire to give you that buff… if you get it because someone else did it, fine.¬†Pacifists BEWARE: You will be credited with a kill if the buff kills a mob that is attacking you. Tread carefully!

Images used with permission from WowHead.com.

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