All Challenges are currently disabled until further notice.

Midsummer Fire Festival

dancingflamesThe Midsummer Fire Festival has arrived! You can check out’s guide here.

There have been some questions as to how the Fire Festival applies to the Iron Man (and other challenges)… I hope I can address them here.

Festival Bonfires & Other Daily Quests

  • Iron Man: Yes, you can do these… ride around (or better, FLY if you’re 60 or higher) and grab as many as you can!
  • Pacifist: I believe you *can* do these, however, we have not tested it yet. I do not think it’ll count as a “kill” if you desecrate a bonfire… if in doubt, test it on another toon.
  • Blood Thirsty: You technically can do these, however, keep in mind each one will likely count towards your quest count.

Ribbon Pole: The XP buff is NOT allowed for any of the challenges we currently have as this is an external buff that you must intentionally initiate.

Bonfire’s Blessing: Yes, this is an external buff and wouldn’t normally be allowed, however, you are unable to cancel the Aura / Buff. You shouldn’t be going up to the bonfire and initiating the buff, however, if you are in a zone where someone else happens to initiate it, then so be it. You will not be flagged, nor should you stop playing your challenger.

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