Pacifist Challenge Changes Effective Immediately

Since the release of Patch 6.0 (the Warlords of Draenor pre-patch), World of Warcraft has been granting if your character is even remotely close to a mob being killed. You can get loot without needing to actually do anything. The “Proximity Kills” are cool for regular players…. but for Pacifists they are the devil.

With the launch of Legion, Proximity Killing is basically a permanent thing. This will make becoming a Pacifist Champion a near impossibility. The challenge is supposed to be difficult but not impossible.

As such, changes have been made to how kills and killing blows are being handled. The changes made will still require a Challenger to be fully aware of players and mobs in order to avoid Proximity Kills, however, there is a measure of forgiveness being applied now. We are basically using a three-strike rule.

  • You are allowed up to TWO kills as long as you have no killing blows. You will remain green-flagged.
  • If you have less than three kills AND less than three Killing Blows you will be yellow-flagged.
  • If you have less than three kills and three or more Killing Blows you will be red-flagged.
  • If you have three or more kills you will be red-flagged (regardless of killing blows).

These changes have been applied to all Challengers on the list, both past and present as the Proximity Kill feature has been an issue for the majority of those listed there.

Due to the Pacifist Challenge kill changes, Xyrelle is now rightfully considered to be a green-flagged Level 100 Pacifist Champion. She was previously red-flagged due to having one Proximity Kill but no Killing Blows about 45 minutes prior to hitting Level 100.

Additionally, we have applied the “Back to Basics” Iron Man Challenge rule changes to the Pacifist challenge, meaning you can now use your Heirloom and flying mounts (among other changes) if you so desire.

With all this being said, there may be room for further allowances, however, we MUST take small steps and see how our changes pan out first.

I wish you all the best of luck in the challenge. Happy picking!

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