Patch 7.3.5 INCOMING!

ALERT!!! If you are reading this and it is still Monday, go log into your challenger NOW and take off your gear. Blizzard has converted white/grey items to greens in the past. If you are flagged for these, they will not be fixed.

Blizzard has finally confirmed Patch 7.3.5 will be released tomorrow, January 16th 2018. This patch is going to be especially meaningful to challengers of all shapes and forms as it introduces mob level scaling to ALL World of Warcraft content. The leveling paths that you have become used to for your challenge characters are invariably going to change.

Mobs will scale to your level and have up to 4 times (sometimes more) as much health as they previously did. A mob will “scale up” to your level once you’ve passed 50% mark of XP needed for your level. For example, you character at Level 20.25 (25% of xp needed to get to the next level) will be fighting mobs that are scaled to Level 19, once you hit 20.5 that mob will then scale up to be Level 20.

The levels of zones still have minimums: for example, Storm Peaks, despite being in Northrend (60-80), the zone will have a minimum level of 67, so you can’t just go running up in Storm Peaks at 60 (You’re gonna have a bad time).

A full list of zones with their new level ranges can be found here: Here’s a brief summary of each continent / expansion and their new level range:

Starting Zones: 1 – 10
Classic Zones: 10 – 60
Outland & Northrend: 60 – 80
Pandaria & Cataclysm Zones: 80 – 90
Draenor: 90 – 100

FLYING IS CHEAPER! Well, not exactly, but you don’t have to pay for “extra” flying for content any longer. The “Old World Flying” and special flying skills required for flying in Northrend and Pandaria are no longer required. Once you buy your flying at Level 60, you are all set!  The extra flight SPEED skills at Level 70 and 80 are still in the game and will still cost you a good amount of gold.

Level Capture
When Legion introduced forced specializations, we captured (and displayed) the level your challenger was prior to the patch. With Patch 7.3.5 introducing zone level scaling for all non-Legion zones, we are going to once again be capturing what level you were on Monday night (US) and Tuesday night (EU). We will be removing the extra information from being displayed as we’re looking at reducing our real estate on the site.

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